[A] Tribo 25man +8GMT (4/13H) LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Bump for Heroic Elegon down.

We are currently recruiting the following for our CORE 25 man raiding team:

* Mage
* DPS Death Knight
* DPS Warrior
* Shaman - Resto & Enhance
* Druid - Feral & Boomkin
* DPS Monk
BUMP BUMP Looking for more raiders.

Think you're awesome and dedicated and want to raid with a good crew, drop us an app at

Looking for more raiders for 5.2 !
Bump for another heroic cleared...

Still looking for more!
Hey Cassamina,

I am looking for a new home - Was just wondering what times you guys raid (server time).

I am currently living in Australia (AEDT) and can only raid between 10:30pm-3AM AEDT.
Hey there Kaddaj,

To answer your question we raid 11pm - 3am server. But once the time change occurs in a few more weeks that will be 10p - 2am, not sure how that will affect you. Thanks for your interest hope to hear from you soon!

Yup what Bam said (sorry been at work all day).

Half the year it is a 10pm server time start, the other half it is 11pm. It changes due to daylight savings as Western Australia/most of Asia do not observe daylight savings so the time stays constant for us.

At the moment we start at 11pm server until 3am, but it will change as we head into australian winter, I'm not sure of the date of the top of my head of the switch.

Is there any chance that half the year you would be able to start a half hour earlier than your times listed above, or are they pretty much set in stone?

We don't currently have a raiding DK :(
I know we aren't classes you said you were looking for but I figured it wouldn't hurt to leave this here.

Hi there Nyonjia.

We are actually currently in the market for a shadow priest with a disc offspec.

Regarding your DK partner, we don't currently have a raiding DK, only problem is that we currently have some good reliable tanks. How do they feel about being MS Dps/OS Tank?
Still in the market for some new raiders !
Looking for some new raiders for 5.2!
Getting some good fresh new blood but looking to fill some compositional holes in our 25 man raid make up. App if you're awesome.

bumpty bump
Thanks Areemas!
Looking for more raiders for Thunder King! www.tribo-nagrand.com for more details :D
Bump for looking for more for 5.2 !!
Bump for more raiders for 5.2!
Woot for 5.2 and new raid!
Bump for Jin'Rokh down on both 10 and 25 man!

Still looking for fill some select roles to diversify our raid team.

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