[A] Tribo 25man +8GMT (4/13H) LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Still looking for some select classes for Throne of Thunder!
Bump for hopefully a raid week with no server and raid restarts!

Still looking for more!
We are currently recruiting the following for our CORE 25 man raiding team:

* DPS Warrior
* Shaman - Resto & Enhance
* Druid - Feral & Boomkin
* DPS Monk
* Warlock

Throne of Thunder 3/12N.

Looking for more of the above to come and kick some turtles with us!
Are you open for a 488 ret/482 holy pally?

I'm from SEA as well (PH) and can make your raid times.

I'm 7/16 N before 5.2 mostly from PUGs. Started playing WoW only during MoP.

Let me know if you are interested, so I can give further details and apply.
Bump for new raiders!

And thank you Pandahype for the query, I'll run it past our GM and see what they say, as we do currently have an awesome hpally, and multiple ret paladins (with a few more in the gearing process), altho quality raiders are always handy.
Bump for Tortos dead!

Still in need of a couple more raiders, check title post for class/spec requirements.
Bump! Just had a warlock leave for Africa for 6 months, and our only dps shaman decide to focus on uni work, so looking for more!!
Bump for more deeps!
Bumpy bump bumpy bump
Bump for 5/12N
Requirements updated on title post.

Full on hunters and ret paladins, but all other exceptional raiders encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec.
Bump once more!
Something went bump in the night....

*looks sideways to see if it's Kaye*
Submitted an app.
Awesome, Thanks, Just saw it.

I've let our GM know to take a look as off on holidays shortly myself, with any luck by the time I get back our warrior troubles shall be over!
Current Progression : 6/12 Normal.

Recruiting the following for our core 25 man team :

Resto Shaman

www.tribo-nagrand.com for more details.
Current Progression : 7/12 Normal

Recruiting the following for our 25 man team :

Resto Shaman

www.tribo-nagrand.com for more info :)

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