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Guild Recruitment
***Update, things are moving along! Charter is available now at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592800258

Just started a Level One guild on Moon Guard and need some people that are looking to reroll and start fresh or looking to jump right in and help get things going!

About me, fellow Guild Master. I am from Missouri, played a lot during Vanilla and then was deployed. Fellow Army soldiers, battle buddies, will always have a home with me.

The guild focus will be on leveling at first, but with dedicated and patient guildees, there is no reason we can't leap to level 25 and start raiding together.

If you are looking to help establish a guild, see the progression from the beginning, and enjoy regular vanilla+ raiding content, send me a message. I am looking for some officers to help with recruitment, website design, etc.

Wonderful! Will send you a whisper.
awesome, if im offline, just send a mail with your toons name and we'll go from there!
What time zone will you be raiding in? Also do you intend to do MOP Raiding at max level?
EST, once the guild comes together, we will vote on 2 raid days per week. Every Sunday will be old content and anyone is free to join in! Once more members join and level up, we will definitely start panda raiding - Thanks for the interest :)
Great! Thanks
are there any classes/specs that you truly need??
could use some healers :) but honestly we could take anyone with a good attitude and dedication -- if it sounds like something you are interested, chat with one of us in game

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