Sanctuary lfm!

Sanctuary is looking for a disc/shadow priest, lock, or other exceptional dps for our main core group that runs on Tues/Thurs/Mon from 6pm server to 9pm. We're a fun group of (relatively) mature adults raiding again after the holiday break to finish up MoV (was 4/6) and are close to getting the second boss in HoF (1/6). Whisper or mail me in game to Prettychaos (battle tag nightstar#1752)...

Willing to take on small groups if you're server transferring, singly, or possibly even other classes...
Still recruiting. Now looking for:
Resto druid
Though these classes are priority we will happily look at any dps or heal applicant.

I am also contactable via ingame methods as well as battle tag: VestonCookie#1864
Bump plus update, 5/6 MSV now!
Bump plus update, 6/6 MSV now!
Bumpity Bump

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