Bugged Achievements Have Broken My Spirits

I have been trying for weeks to get a solid group together for Been Waiting A Long Time For This - 25 Man. I specifically cleared out an ICC25 with the intention of doing it this week. I waited, kept looking for people with interest, and I finally got a group together tonight. This is the last achievement I need for the meta.

We go in, some of the people clearly have no idea what is going on, they quickly get rooted out or die during the fight. We get LK to 11% after completing the requirements and he ENRAGES! Ugh, wipe with 1% to go and many people left. I was broken - I was determined though. I went back and recruited on openraid and in trade chat for 2 hours until I finally got enough people to safely do the achievement and not have to worry about enrage.

We go in, we do the first part flawlessly - RA announced the 30 stacks, I check with my own eyes to see a 35 stack. We clear it out, get LK to 10%, sloppily, and we all die, res, kill him....my mouth waters with anticipation for this final achievement that I have worked so diligently for. And....nothing!? No achievement, I am broken. I am defeated and I really just don't even feel like playing any more. I don't raid, I don't do much at all besides some dailies and old raid content. I play for achievements, I have been climbing fast and on a pretty good roll lately. But between Four Play bugging earlier this week and this one, I am defeated. It has been so difficult to get a group together, and I have wanted to do my ICC10 achievements for so long, but I kept trying to do this achievement instead.

I am sad, and now I will go try to sleep it off...

dat feel, that sucks, hope it gets fixed and you can do it. i still need that achievement for my meta mount
That's sad, indeed. I was in a group that was trying this in 10M the other night and the tanks (including the guy who organized the group) just would not do what's needed to get the 30 stacks so the rest of the group quit in disgust eventually.
Join Openraid.us and find an achievement run on there ;-)
01/07/2013 11:13 PMPosted by Bwl
We go in, we do the first part flawlessly - RA announced the 30 stacks, I check with my own eyes to see a 35 stack.

Have to point out that there is a distinct possibility that your RA announced the OTHER thing that stacks in that fight.

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