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I'm cross posting this from Sabahe started a thread there that's generated some interesting thoughts.

I'll post mine here and anybody is welcome to go over and check out the thread there. Has the same name.

I've had horrible luck getting battle stones. I've had less than a dozen and still haven't even seen an undead, magic, flying or elemental stone at all.

I'd like the stones purchasable via Justice points changed so it increases the rarity of the pet by one level instead of making them uncommon.

My Uncommon Jade Owl would cost me 1 stone to make him rare. My common Scourged Whelpling would cost me 2 stones to make him rare and my poor Minfernal would cost me 3 stones. I'd be willing to spend the 3000 Justice to make my Minfernal rare or 2k for my Scourged Whelpling. Farm for stones for farm the greater available content for the Justice, different paths to the same result.

I'd like to see a vendor akin to the Reforging vendor that allows you to spend something, gold, special other stones, Lesser Charms, Elder Charms, to allow me to change my pets breed. I don't mind rare farming but the fact that My breed 3 rare Rhapana Whelk is so far off from a breed 5 is nuts.

They did it with the 6 million dollar man...they can do it for my Flayer Youngling.
Rather than JP, I'd like to see a new pet battle currency introduced for this. It wouldn't need to be complex or have daily/weekly caps.
Win a PVE battle against pets within five levels of your highest level active pet and get 10 points.
Win a PVE battle against a tamer get 15 points.
Win a PVP battle while leveling get 15 points.
Win a PVP battle at level 25 get 20 points.

Upgrade any pet one rarity level (uncommon to rare, common to uncommon, poor to common) costs 500 points.

It would take ~50 world pet battle wins or 34 tamer wins. This is fewer battles than what you should expect to get a stone in, but it's not an immediate rare. If you're trying to upgrade your poor Minfernal you would need do do that three times. Seems reasonable to me.

In addition to using these points to upgrade your pets, you could purchase pets on a system similar to the black market auction house (an occasional Minfernal, Scourged Whelpling, Irradiated Roach, etc) or bandages, biscuits, etc.

Tell me that's not a great idea! :)

edit: it occurs to me that there are some world battle pets such as the Dragonbone Hatchlings that would be farmed endlessly for quick stones. Perhaps it would be appropriate to place a cap on points earned in this way to the first five or ten battles in a day. PVP battles would still earn points without a cap because it's not as easily farmable for most players and would encourage more people to participate in those.
these all sound like great idea's
personally i'd love to see a ranking system for pvp pet battles and also more pet achies
I'd like them to make existing pets that are lackluster better... rats, roaches, etc...
90% of what I currently dislike about pet battling involves CRZ phasing and the sheer agony of seeing dozens of pets along a FP only to see them disappear upon landing.

I don't mind some pets being rare or necessary of work. The wild Serpent Hatchling via rep, Baby Ape and Artic Fox via weather, Snowy Owl and Guardling during seasons, and even rare droprate pets like Darkmoon Rabbit and the raid drop pets, those are all fine w/ me, and I don't even mind having to wait around for them sometimes like for the Wanderer turtle.

However, some of the "bottleneck" pets (Minifernal, Scourged Whelpling, Giraffe Calf and the like) that are clearly being blocked because of buggy CRZ crap and are leading to stupid overcamping? That is not ok, and never will be.
Rather than JP, I'd like to see a new pet battle currency introduced for this...

Hey Mojones. I've always liked the idea of a Pet Battle currency. I've posted such a few times in other posts. I've always call them "Pet Biscuits" :)

I'd like to see the daily bags give 1 biscuit in each and then maybe a daily or weekly quest where you perform so many pet battles to turn in for X number of biscuits. The pet battles all have to within 5 levels of your highest level pet in the team you use in order to count. No using two 1's and a 25 vs level 1 wild pets.

There could be separate quests turnins for so many wild pet battles and pvp pet battles.
Something, anything about the whole "forfeit game" to catch rare pets. Stones are too rare, too limited and obtaining them is too RNG to help with it.

What if you could breed two lower quality pets for a chance at a single, higher quality one, FF7-chocobos style? That'd give some purpose to those poor/common ones I forfeited a thousand battles to.

Sure, that'd devalue the act of catching a wild rare, but it's not a terribly thrilling process right now. And it's only getting worse in 5.2 with penalties for forfeiting battles and groups not despawning when you forfeit, forcing you to either go through a pointless battle or just kill them outside it to force fresh spawns.

I also wish they'd do something about a single missed attack screwing you over so hard sometimes, but I know it won't happen.
I wish we could swap out team members while flying on a taxi. That would make it more efficient to set up my team when flying to the next daily quest trainer.
Using the lesser charm of good fortune would be the ideal solution. (and allow us to get it via pet battle daily)

People don't have to 'over-commit' themselves to do extra set of dailies for pet battle (if they are doing regular pve dailies) and pet battle lovers who doesn't wanna do pve daily don't have to deal with pve daily.
The CRZ issue is probably the most frustrating problem imo. I won't even battle in zones that are over-camped for super rare pets anymore. I used to.. trying to force spawns. It worked, but the 5 players camped over the elemental holes in Fer grabbed them as soon as they spawned. To add insult to injury they won't even attempt to hunt any other pets while they camp, they just sit there like vultures, waiting for someone else to clear out the other pets. The CRZ idea is frustrating at the best of times, for pet battlers it's a nightmare.

I would love to see all those lesser charms I get do something useful for pet battlers! As it is now, I hate seeing the silly things show up in my chat window. I would happily collect them if I could actually use them! :( Perhaps a number of them collected could open up ONE special pet battle that is yours until you defeat it, for a rare or unique pet maybe. Any kind of useful NON-RAID application would be wonderful.

There are a lot of pet battlers who do not want to raid, like myself. Pet battles are the only reason I didn't delete my account after I hit 90 and the daily nightmare. Please, please keep it strong and fun!

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