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So, my main is a Protection Paladin but I decide to roll Brewmaster Monk as I am extremely impressed with the tanking abilities of the class. About a week ago, I que for a dungeon and end up in Dire Maul. As the five of us are set and pick up our quests, our healer immediately asks me if I have a better weapon than the one I had equipped at the time, which is a simple War Staff that can be bought at any weapons vendor. I told him that was the best weapon on my person, and out of nowhere he immediately deserts us and leaves us without a healer. Fortunately, another one takes his place and we handle our business.

Now, let us analyze a few things first. As you already see, I am a Monk, a mele class that emphasizes HAND TO HAND COMBAT. On an average, if I were to jab ten times in a row, a Monk would use their weapon one out of that barrage of jabs. I have in the past EFFECTIVELY tanked with a BM Monk while bare handed, so weapons don't really account for too much with the Monk class, BMs especially. And speaking of tanks, it is my soul responsibility to aggro the mob, control the mob, and to balance out how much punishment that I dish out and take. So why would that ignorant healer inspect me and asks such a stupid question that doesn't pertain to me? Unlike Warriors, Paladins and Death Knights who need quality weapons, it does not have to be the case with Monks.

It really offended me that he would ask me if I had a better weapon, as if I was qued for DPS. He never once saw me tank and he undermined my abilities as a tank. I mean, to rather leave and have to wait for another fifteen minutes before going back into another instance, than to just wait and see what skill level your tank is first is really idiotic. I just wanted to stack enough HP so I can buy legacy gear once I touch LVL 60. But, little did he know, I am a highly skilled tank. We get a new healer thirty seconds later and the group runs smoothly. We get so much XP our first run that we decide to stick together for a couple more instances and jump up a few levels in about forty minutes. That could've been him, he could've gotten a piece of that XP if he wasn't being such a fashion guru.

Time after time, I have seen players inspect others for their gear with no legitamite reason at all. Someone is either always linking their stuff in the BGS/Party chat for the sake of embarrassing them, or to claim that they have better gear. I understand how important it is to have gear, all I do is tank so it's my job to know. No one has anything positive to do with this feature and I think it should not be in the game.

So my question is, what is the sense in all of that? What do you get out of it? Why do players make such a bigger out of gear than needed?
its not the fact about monks not actually hitting with a weapon more so the fact that you are missing vital stats from not having a staff.

with dire maul being around what lvl 35ish? to get to level 35 and still not have yourself a weapon that isnt a grey vendor trash item just gives the impression to the rest of the party that you dont know what you were doing as a player.

so lets take a second to analyse whats going throught the healers head, tanks take the damage so if you are missing vital stats from not having your weapon 2 things happen, 1 you have a harder time controlling the agro and 2 you take more damage. in turn these 2 things create 1 problem for a healer, he needs to do more healing to you and the rest of the party. you see in his eyes he would of been carrying you.

you might not have a problem controlling the threat but you still would of taken more damage and had less of a health pool to start with.

so basically you wanna tank but what your doing just looks bad and make you look like a noob, it has nothing to do with your skill. honestly if i was on my healer and joined your party and you told me that was the best weapon you could get for your character i would of left too.

i dont know if thats your tanking set your wearing now but there's alot of intellect on it, pretty sure thats not a windwalker or a brewmaster stat. so put yourself in the healers shoe's you had either bad or wrong gear.

you dont go to a job interview wearing any pants and tell the fella that this skirt is all you had clean and their the best you got.. first impressions.. gota change that image..

here go to noxxic
Well said. I got hacked and this toon was deleted, and Blizzard couldn't get everything back. Again, it's all the best stuff I have right now at the moment as I have been playing my DK and Pally more. I know about the whole strength and stamina thing but it was all that I am working with for now. I know I have been too lazy to worry about my gear because I just have that much confidence in myself as a tank. But again, leaving the party before you even see what type of group you are working with is still very childish in my book. I haven't been playing long but I caught on quick, and I've worked with guys who say they've been playing since Vanilla but still suck. I can't tell you how many times I had to repair my gear, not so much because of the fact that I'm taking more damage with what I have, but because I have worked with groups that were THAT BAD. But still, I couldn't bring myself to just leave them, no matter how bad they are. It is only until that you insult me and I end up leaving you hanging. And again, you're right indeed, I can't just completely rely on my skill. But no healer has ever carried me, which is why they need to just lose that impression. I will get the appropriate gear but the way people inspect all the time, it just seems like they are looking for something to !@#$% about and that's what the guy was doing.
And thank you for the link and input. It makes me even better when people actually take the time to help out.
01/09/2013 01:30 AMPosted by Ausaris
So my question is, what is the sense in all of that? What do you get out of it? Why do players make such a bigger out of gear than needed?

Well its always good to know what you're working with - as a dps if the tank is poorly geared i really need to watch my agro, similar for healers, poor gear = tons more healing.
As a tank, its just as important to know what youre healers gear is like. "can i pull 1/2 the instance? or do i have to slowpoke it".

As for PvP, well ever since mid BC gear has been increasingly more important...

there are plenty of other reasons to have the inspect option - Making a pug raid? or getting a pug for HM's? for Ginvite? RBG? u can tell ALOT about someone from their gear. how have they forged\gemmed? how much do they care about playing their roll to its potential yada yada.
Yeah. I'm starting to see the actual point as to why players inspect eachother now. I would always see some troll in a BGS inspecting everyone and linking their gear for everyone to laugh at them. What are anyone's thoughts about that?
They are simply being douchebags, that's all. As for the weapon thing, it may not be that huge of a difference now, it will be at 90. I was tanking windlord and kept dying repeatedly. It was only upon someone inspecting me that they realised I had no weapon up. Things went smoothly after that.
The guy was probably just cutting his loses.

In lower levels it's not uncommon to come across the occasional new player/tank who has no idea how to carry out their role, turning what should be a face roll and quick XP gain into an absolute nightmare. Especially for healers, usually they will be blamed for the tank dying before any of the group realize the tanks gear was to blame.

I'm sure if you had explained the situation a little more rather than just saying "this is all I've got" (example: yeah I got hacked and blizz couldn't restore my gear but i'm an experienced tank and we should be fine) perhaps this would have reassured the healer enough for him to give you the benefit of the doubt.
As far as my experiences have taught me giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt often causes more trouble than it's worth.

On the other hand...
You say he simply left the group without a word, how do you know something else didn't come up (sure leaving without a reason is rude, but a common thing to happen in random groups). As a tank someone inexplicably leaving the group shouldn't get to you so much, your going to experience far worse behavior.

I'd count yourself lucky he could have stayed and complained the whole time putting a downer on the whole dungeon run, as it went I see it as a win for both.
Remember? He asked me if I had a better staff first, which I didn't. And yes, I was hacked and could not get all of my stuff back as a matter of fact, but I didn't mention it to anyone.
01/10/2013 09:09 AMPosted by Çøçøçøçøçøçø
Let's say you're an excellent driver, so I give you a $2000 car. I use a $450'000 street racing car, but I'm not as great a driver as you. I'm not excellent, but I'm pretty good. Who do you think would win?

I don't know. You could have used a much better example than that. Honestly? A decent driver with a much better car CAN beat an excellent driver with a bucket.

I still see your point though.
01/10/2013 09:09 AMPosted by Çøçøçøçøçøçø
Yeah. I'm starting to see the actual point as to why players inspect eachother now. I would always see some troll in a BGS inspecting everyone and linking their gear for everyone to laugh at them. What are anyone's thoughts about that?

I do that all the time. Someone who is in terrible gear won't be as good as someone who is. Simple.

Let's say you're an excellent driver, so I give you a $2000 car. I use a $450'000 street racing car, but I'm not as great a driver as you. I'm not excellent, but I'm pretty good. Who do you think would win?

Gear means a lot in this game.

Gear means a lot in this game at high levels. I honestly don't see that not having stats on a staff will make him that much worse, its Dire Maul, not a very high level instance. You could probably tank it in cloth as long as you have a healer.
Its Dire Maul. Who cares what staff he has. Its one pieve of equipment and at that lvl wont make a lick of difference. If the healer left it probably means he was a terrible healer and was used to only healing people fully decked in BoAs that are easy to keep alive.
Lol I want to level a toon in greys
Side note, monks can solo first blackrock caverns boss at lvl 79. Self-healing abilities, got to love that !@#$. Good job blizzard! <points and laughs at warriors> And to think people still have the audacity to call them OP. Pfft, healing is the most OP thing you could have on this game. Grey gear pvp! No resil, no power, no stats, just base stats and grey gear! WIN!
Myself as a healer I usually don't inspect a tank until after a first fail. If he has bad gear but can hold agro and I can heal him it doesn't matter to me. Hopefully gear drops and he can upgrade. Then sometimes I've seen a uber leet dps get all !@#$%y about "hey tank hold agro you noob!" Again if your that good you need to watch your threat. Again that is a DPS job correct? It's not the tanks job to make sure especially in a PUG that he is geared as good as the best dps...

It's a PUG get over it, ESPECIALLY with DM......

It's like a undergeared DPS in LFG and everyone is ^-*!@ing about them not pulling enough DPS. It's a LFG he's HOPING to get some gear to up his DPS.

Of course this is only thinking the best about the player, not the other #$% hats out there that just cause problems.

But as I said, myself as a healer, I don't inspect gear until a first fail OR if I'm really having a hard time with the tank. My opinion get in the group and start face rolling the mobs for xp, worry as we go along.

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