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Bleeding Hollow
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So just to give an update we actually did clear through ToES before 5.2 came out and we currently have 6 bosses down in Throne of Thunder. We could really use a dedicated healer for progression!

can add a plate dps wearer. Preferably a Warrior/Paladin (tank offspec a bonus)
Bump, still looking for a plate dps wearer.

Warrior/Paladin preferred, but will gladly talk to DK's as well.

Offspec tank set a bonus
bump, lf dps
bump, looking for some dps
Bumpity bump. Sup 10/12, 11/12 on Sunday for sure. BRING IT.
BUMP - Need more plate soaks!

hunter gear for frees
Would you guys accept someone who is still in the process of gearing? I see that your site says you need a ret pally. I would gladly fill the position but I do not have a ret set. I would be willing to worn towards putting one together though!

Looking for a hunter and ideally a Mistweaver Monk
bump, looking for a 6th healer and a hunter possibly
Bump need more bow and arrowers
bump, looking for a 6th healer for the start of heroics and another dps
bump, looking for a healer for the start of heroics
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