[H] Internet Champions - 3/13M- LF Heals/Dps

Bleeding Hollow
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Bumplestiltskin. We have a forum dedicated to cooking recipes. You know you want to join now!

This ^

Pandas need not look elsewhere for good food and hot lewts.

Looking for a 6th healer for heroics

Gig#1661 if interested
1/12H after last Wednesday and we're still looking for a 6th healer.
Any need for a resto shaman?
Toss up an app and BUMP!
Hey Lurch definitely add one of our battletags or leave yours here so we can get in touch and in the meantime as Lampzilla said it won't hurt to put in an application on our website.
We could really use a hunter. Where are you beast taming, arrow shooting, aspect of the daze nerds at?

Looking for geared and capable DPS. Any class other then a Shadow Priest.
bump, looking for dps
want damage
LF Mage/Rogue/Hunter/Boomkin/Mage/Rogue/DK/Chicken so that we dont have to vendor our vanq tokens.

Oh 4/13
Need more pals - DPS and Heals lets go!
bump, looking for a healer, hunter and a melee.
Well we've been looking for a good healer for like 2 months maybe we'll find one soon? BUMP
bump looking for a few people
Looking for a hunter (we have none)

and some dps to compete with our current raiders

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