rate the rogue xmog above part III

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7/10 Those shoulders are awesome on undead.
7/10. I can't say I've ever liked that set but it works really well on a goblin.

I like, clean and style, very Blood Elf-ish. Only problem I always add with this mask, is the scarf that makes your jaw very wide, with hair covering the sides tho, it does looks good.


9/10, really digging the ripped pants. Kind of reminds me of Selene from Underworld. Very unique and it all matches, bravo.
Death: 7/10 for matching and the lolz.
Jeryhn, 6/10. Not a fan of the daggers and shoulders.
^ 9/10 -- always liked that set - looks incomplete, & the daggers don't quite fit, otherwise nice setup. :)
Nice Batou, love that set, 9/10 =)

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My fist wep ruins it.
9/10 nice looking set, I like the motif =)

Don't judge the cloak I was too lazy to mog it, I rarely play this toon anymore now that I'm tanking for my guild 10 man.
@stab i don't like the boots and why transmog the helm if you're not going to show it!

@ zongetzu, i like the idea of the whole tabard of flame and flaming daggers. not sure i like the pants 9/10
@Inhume ill give u a 6/10

note that i do not have my belt or boots for my transmog as of yet, to anyone who rates me.
<--- Basic xmog for me. It works and i like it.
It's nice, very basic but effective. 9/10

Anyone have some boot suggestions? I want skinny boots like I have now, but... better.
7/10, color scheme suits well
^ Pretty cool but a bit overused by most rogues IMO.


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