[A] Earth and Wind is recruiting...

Earth and Wind of Dalaran is a casual but capable guild looking to rebuild our core raiding group. We were late at starting raiding in MOP and are currently 4/6 MV. We are currently in need of an OT (preferably a warrior or a monk, but will consider anyone with serious interest). We also have a few other roles that require filling and always welcome casual players who are interested in the more social aspects of the game.

We raid Friday and Sunday evenings from 7 to 10 EST. We use a suicide kings type of DKP loot system which allows us to reward those who put in the extra effort while not punishing those who do not have as much time available. More information regarding our loot system, as well as our other raiding policies, can be found on our website at earth-wind.shivtr.com.

While raiding is important to us we also focus on trying to provide a more social aspect to the guild. In an effort to promote activity within the game we frequently run guild competitions (fishing derbies, stay classy leveling contests, and are soon going to start up a scavenger hunt) where we offer rewards from either in game or items from the blizzard store. We also like to recognize those members who show dedication to the guild with small in game rewards and trophies through our website.

If you have an interest in finding out more about our guild you can contact any of our officers in game: Saturnae, Khaele, Zathyell or Cargerx. Or you can contact us through our website.

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