Illusion [H] 6/16H LF Heals/plate DPS+ (485+)

Illusion is recruiting!

-We're a long-standing guild on Thrall, though we transferred to Horde from Alliance just before MoP release. We've been raiding actively and successfully on Thrall since 2006.
-We're 6/16H (5/6H vaults, 1/6H HoF) 10 man.

Our raid times are (EST - Server):
Sun 7:00-10:30pm
Mon 7:00-10:30pm
Tues 7:00-10:30pm

We will very rarely raid late

Our class needs are as follows:
1 x Warrior or 1 x DK

1 x Resto Shaman or 1 x Priest

We expect very high attendance. We keep a tight 11-player roster. We do not recruit for back-ups or the bench

We also expect members to carry their own weight with no hand-holding. This means flasks and pots as they're needed. It also means being prepared for fight mechanics before we start learning an encounter.
We use ventrilo.

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please fill out a brief application at our website:

Feel free to contact Autry, Gartene, or Alexmonk in-game. My BattleTag is Alex#13218. Please indicate that you are a potential applicant if you send me a BattleTag request.
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