Holy Pally HPS

My gear level is 471/472. Yes I know it needs upgrades I am working on it.

I can do a max of 40k right now, and I would like to know what the average is/ what I should be doing based on my ilvl. So I know If I am on the right track.

My stuff is not enchanted, and I dont want to waste my time gemming some of it if its a 450 or 463.
Depends what you're doing. First week of MSV when I was at a 465 ish ilvl I pulled ~50k on our kills. Heroics I don't know and they don't matter. Really depends on the fight though 40k isn't low though so I'd say you're on the right track. I don't know if you are just throwing what gems you have in slots if so that's fine, but you're going to want at least some spirit in just about every gem slot.
yeah, it entirely depends on what you are doing

if its heroics, you shouldnt even need to heal aside from the occasional holy shock
lfr, again, i just go ret spec because you don't need 6 healers for lfr
Otherwise yeah, the average hps output whether its in normal raids, lfr raids, or heroic raids, is anywhere from 30-55k

I am 498ilvl and 9/16h and mine range anywhere from 40k to 80k (tsu'long) it is entirely dependent on the fight and what is going on around you
if its a low healing fight, or you have more healers than necessary (lfr) then you will have lower hps
the main judging point is mana, for most progression (w/e stage of it you are at) you will be relatively close to hitting the berserk timer, and so what % of mana you finish the fight with is a good telling point

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