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Hello there, wide-eyed curious one! Thank you for taking an interest or quite possibly just taking peak at what our guild's about! My name is Seabird, and I'm the guild master of Orchid PvP.

Our Mission: In Orchid PvP we are entirely focused on the PvP (Player versus player) aspect of World of Warcraft. We hope to take in seasoned PvPers, champs in the making, players entirely new to PvPing, and anyone else who thinks it'd be fun to try! We really do want to help teach some players tricks and give them tips on how to PvP more successfully and hopefully get them involved in rated PvP! We are in no way expecting any level of 'skill' from our members, but instead, the initiative to put an effort into doing well in combat and working positively on our team!

Now that you've got yourself a taste of what we're about, I'm going to break it down a bit more in case you're on the fence or still a bit confused.

If you're a seasoned PvPer... our guild would love to have you! In Orchid PvP you would be PvPing with other players looking to do rated PvP (RBGs, Arenas) We also would absolutely love someone like yourself to help teach those learning to PvP! But of course, that would only be if you wanted.

If you have never PvP'd before in your entire WoW life... our guild would love to have you! Here at Orchid PvP we seek to help players have an enjoyable experience during PvP combat, whether it their first, third, fifth, or sixty-sixth time doing so! Our more seasoned members of the guild will gladly help you better yourself as a PvPer and teach you a trick or two! In the end all we ask of you is for you to put in effort and in return we will do our best to give you everything you need to do well!

If you tried PvP once, hated it, then refused to ever PvP again... our guild understands your pain, but regardless we would love to have you! PvP can be frustrating, VERY frustrating. People rage, people /spit you to death, your get GY camped, etc! So much can go wrong, but it doesn't have to be like this. These things happen, yes, but as long as you don't let it kill your spirit to fight it doesn't have to suck so much! Working with your teammates really does make it a lot better, and over-coming a GY camping by wiping the enemy team alongside your guildies is quite enjoyable! Don't be so sour, our guild just might make you change your mind about PvP!

Now I'd like to think I've cleared the air a bit! To wrap this all up I'm going to tell you a little bit out the inside of our guild.

Here at Orchid PvP we do our best to keep our banks full of items such as enchantments, gems, and item enhancements in order to make it easier on our member's to be geared to the best of their ability. We do have guild repair, and as you are with us longer the amount raises.
We will be doing a lot more events as we grow in numbers. These will be things like guild-wide duel offs, tournaments, 2v2/3v3/5v5 war games, “Hero Mode” challenges which are 1 of our members in situations where they are outnumbered (1v2, 1v3), and things of this nature!
We don't really PvE, but we also don't expect our members to simply stop PvEing if that's what they enjoy to do. Having a single PvP toon in our guild is always welcome, and even doing PvE with another guild is more than welcome. We do, however, do scenarios occasionally.

If you are to have any questions at all please ask them, I'll gladly respond!
Thank you for taking the time to read about Orchid PvP!

Orchid PvP is no longer an active guild. Thanks for reading about us.
Great guild, Great people, and very promising. Looking for good pvpers, and people willing to learn the basics. I can answer most questions about most classes and help with keybinds, macros exc.
to long to read but this is a real post awsome guild :D
We're still searching for Dalaran PvPers!
Sounds great, we need more PvP guilds.
Sad to see this guild ended so quickly. I originally saw the thread while I was in a raiding guild. Although I wasn't raiding at the time, it piqued my interest.

Wish the guild was still around, as my guild status has changed and there are a lack of recruiting raid guilds that I haven't upset yet. Would really like to get back into some PvP.

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