LF God Hpally for 85 Twink Arena

I have my DK tuned for godly damage, critting in bgs and arena for 60-70k. Future farming for Cata gear.

Anyways, looking for a very good hpally or rdruid for 2s to go 2200+ :P

Also looking for 85 twink guilds and RBGs, can target call
Hey add my toon Brasacø on KT or battle tag Samson#1340
85 twink disc-shadow priest here, been rank 1 twink priest for a straight season, bring your healer or your dps. i can go in either spec, will run with you everyday till you get achievs or want to stop, 2400 on main priest (2s) battle tag me [duane#1697] or just hit me up ingame Lucypucci-Bleeding hollow

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