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check out http://www.eleventhhour.org and apply in our recruitment forum, we are recruiting all classes and rolls except rogues (we seem to have four of them already)

About the Eleventh Hour
We are currently rebuilding our team! We historically have been a 25man raiding guild that pushes for heroics; we have been around Earthen Ring since the beginning of World of Warcraft and have been pushing hard-modes since the beginning. Over the last expansion we have lost many people. We run a friendly atmosphere but we expect every one of our raiders to come to raids prepared and ready.

What this means is, you should know the fights BEFORE we do them. You should have some stat food just in-case. We provide potions, and can sell flasks at a low price but it is your responsibility to make sure you have them.

We are looking for raiders that want to push content, but have the patients to help others along. We are a low drama guild and we strive to help our members be the best they can be. This happens by us offering help and advice rather then complaining and loosing our tempers.

We expect raiders to make a serious effort to maximize their effectiveness in raids, but we don't expect them to sell their souls to the game. We're committed to the philosophy of "RL > WoW".

If you're looking for a guild that will push for server firsts and always strive for the top of the server rankings, this is not the guild for you.

If you're looking for a relaxed, casual guild that raids free of pressure and stress, this is not the guild for you.

If you're looking for a guild that takes progression seriously without expecting a full-time commitment to the game, and guildmates who are successful in PvE without letting it turn them into jerks, we may be what you're looking for.

If you have any questions contact in-game via pst or mail
Hello there Yohas,

You say you are rebuilding 25s? I see on your site that you are looking for quite a few. I may have a few for you! I would have contacted you last night, but you peeps we're raiding some HoF! Any way to contact you this evening before 7:30pm server? I will get into details then sir.

Thanks for your time,
what times and days do you raid

I should be online around 6:00 pm server time.


Raid days and times are Mon-Tues-Thur 7:45 pm-11:00 pm Server
errrr make it 630
Good peeps, fun times!
25s are alive! Come check it out!
01/25/2013 06:12 AMPosted by Yunvme
Good peeps, fun times!


We are currently now recruiting range DPS and will except EXCEPTIONAL players of any class

Contact my myself of Allastra in-game via pst of mail
We are currently no longer rebuilding, But we are still recruiting.

We are looking for Exceptional players to join our ranks, Mainly Ranged DPS and some Melee dps.
I thought 25's were dead on this server?
Nope we are still alive
We are still looking for couple of players to join our rank.
Recruitment is open for all classes and specs again

We are recruiting to fill our ranks visit our website and fill out an app.

Fun times, Steady Progression, No pressure(well very minor)
Eleventh Hour? Ye still be abouts? Luck to yah!

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