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Aerie Peak
Hi Aerie Peak,

My friends and I have come to find ourselves in a position to look for a new home. I currently play a 483 Moonkin on Korialstrasz and our raid leader/GM had to take a break from the game causing our raid team to fall apart. I have been the assistant RL/GM since this guild was founded but I also do not have the time to take the reins of the guild and raid team. Furthermore, Korialstrasz has a very poor pool of raiders to rebuild from and continue progressing. Our team made it to 4/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF (we were 3% with one leg 50% on Garalon before things fell apart).

At this time, myself and two of my close friends have decided to look for a new home on a better server with a better pool of raiders, guilds and economy. We are definitely looking to stay alliance and we are all adult, mature, competent, reliable raiders who are very sociable people that are a benefit to any raid team and guild. I bring with my Moonkin two exceptional players, 488 fire mage and 490 DPS warrior (currently SMF). All of us have been playing since TBC and have been raiding since then and want to stick together as a team going forward. We all have experience in both 10 and 25 settings with mostly 10 man raiding since the start of Cata however we are open to either setting if the fit is right.

What is the landscape like here on Aerie Peak for a group like us? Are there any guilds with room for the 3 of us to continue to raid together as part of good team? We are not looking for hardcore progression but would like to find a better group to move quicker than what we were saddled with on Korialstrasz. If anyone has any helpful information if Aerie Peak would make a good home for us or any guilds that may be interested in adding us to their raiding ranks please reply here or contact me in game at Arkades#1365.


You might want to indicate what times, relative to PST, you are looking to raid and on what days.

Peeps got jobs yo.
Hi there! Realize this thread is about a month old, but wanted to see if you are still looking for a guild. =) <Mail Enhancement> of Aerie Peak is looking for a few good dps so we can continue doing 25 mans as a guild. Currently we are 6/6 MV and 5/6 HoF (with really close attempts on empress) in 10 mans, and 5/6 MV, 1/6 HoF 25 mans with hopes to get higher once we get the last few people we need. We raid Tuesdays/Wednesday from 5:00-8:30 st, with another day during the week at the same time for those who would like to get a bit more raiding in. If you have any questions, you can contact me through battle tag Sabri#1763, or contact anyone in Mail Enhancement on and they will point you to an officer. If it sounds like a fit for you, you can go to our website Mail-enhancement.com/forum and enter in a short 15 question app there. Thanks!
Hi there, if you'd up for considering a transfer to dragonblight I can offer core dps spots right away. We just converted from 10 to 25 and are still a bit lean on numbers (pulling in friends n family members) so you wouldnt be taking or competing for someones spot. We are a very low drama guild with little tolerance for it.

if you are interested and have further questions send me a whisper to iamhelly#1873

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