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List a sport that you do not like, for entertainment purposes.


It is baseballl combined with golf and a spanking paddle. I don't get it.
It's a great game!

I dont like: NFL

It's just so dam boring.

Playing it? Kinda fun.

Watching it? No.

Same goes with golf. So. Damn. Dull.
01/17/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Rufyn
I'm pretty sure it was invented to be played only by rich white men.

it was... well kinda, rich for them (scots i mean). g-o-l-f stood for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden originally. only wealthy white men were allowed to play.
and yes i can agree it can be quite boring to watch sometimes, but i enjoy it mostly because i play golf quite often in the summer, and it makes me appreciate alot of the shots that these pros are pulling off in a consistent manner. golf is an EXTREMELY difficult game to play well, so i can give them alittle more respect and it helps to think of this while watching.

that being said, i don't think i've ever made it through an entire baseball game, i might watch it if its the final game of the world series... might
01/17/2013 12:29 PMPosted by Girlsgonewow
Soccer, it is such a boring boring game.
01/17/2013 09:00 PMPosted by Noservice
Soccer, it is such a boring boring game.

WHat?! Soccer is an amazing sport! Just watch this exciting promotional ad.

granted, it is way more fun to play, than it is to watch - probably goes for most sports though

I hate football so much. It's such a overrated and pretentious sport for absolutely no reason. When the superbowl occurs there's about 50 people trying to shack up in one room just to watch the damn game. Ugh, I never understood the hype. I'd.... I'd rather..... I'd rather watch .... Dare I say it... Golf.
I guess it's fine for threads in the "Movies, TV and Entertainment" to be brought back after 3 days of no activity?
I mean... this part of the forum is slow moving after all... So I'll contribute.

A sport I do not like.
Well I can't say they are bad just because I dislike them.
But I don't care about any form of sports. Same for eSports! (if that can be counted as one.)
I might see a eSport competition every now and then and would rather play the game then watch someone else play.
Now for the more physical sort of sport... Yea, my sleeping medication right there.
I especially dislike football I guess. 1. I find it dreadful boring, but that's probably because we were never taught the rules in gym class (I find baseball boring too, but at least I understand what's going on). 2. Where I live its crammed down my throat everyday. 3. It's a stereotype but I wouldn't trust a football player as far as I could throw them, sorry. 4. I find I have very little in common with the fans, to put it gently.

I think an easier list for me to make would be which sports I do like. Interestingly I find cricket fun. I also like frisbee, is that a sport? Hm, women's boxing is kinda fun to watch.
Horse racing. It's beyond being a complete joke, especially the Kentucky Derby. "Awww, look at that hat! It's nine feet across and so purrrty!"

Kill it with fire.

I live in the South. There are 3 channels in my cable lineup devoted to golf. It's such a waste of programming.
01/17/2013 09:08 PMPosted by Tsaifu
granted, it is way more fun to play, than it is to watch - probably goes for most sports though

Truer words never spoken.

I can't think of one sport that is actually boring to play. There are quite a few I wouldn't watch on TV because it's too dull, but getting out and playing it is a different story. Golf may be mind numbing watched on TV, but it's a lot of fun playing with the right group of friends.
NASCAR if you consider that a sport. Left turn, left turn, left turn.. What's next?!?! Dare I say a left turn.

If not then soccer. Almost every score ends up being a damn tie.

I can't think of one sport that is actually boring to play.

Baseball. It's fun going to the batting cage, but bring a beach chair if you are an outfielder. Never liked that sport.

Oh now I remember. Figure skating.

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