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Horse racing. It's beyond being a complete joke, especially the Kentucky Derby. "Awww, look at that hat! It's nine feet across and so purrrty!"

Kill it with fire.
Some of the Derby hats can be a bit wild but if the hats are the only reason why you dont like racing thats a bit silly imo. Only sport I really like watching is horse racing, all the others are ok but find them boring unless watching them live.

I'm even in the south and consider it a dumbass sport.
Football. And tbh I think I'd enjoy Soccer, the other countries' Football a lot more.

My second choice would have been almost any form of racing, but then I remembered that there are occasional crashes to liven things up.

But, yea: without crashes, NASCAR-style racing, or Indy cars, or any other racing that's just running laps around a big oval (I'm hitting the gas pedal & turning left!!!!) is just terminally dull as dirt.
I would think soccer and NASCAR. Why...?

If you think about it, soccer is so darn annoying because those new horns you have to hear when your trying trying to watch the game. "Can you keep it down man!?" "Sure right after I do my solo!".

NASCAR is not really annoying but it's loud. That's not the reason I brought it up though. Who the heck watches NASCAR nowadays? The only person in my family that watches NASCAR... is my grandpa! What else? All it is racing. No technique to it, just people die each race. Ever think that's where the population is going away? Car accidents and crashes are the probably one of the deadliest accidents on earth. That's why I don't like NASCAR.

Plus, people cheer when there's a car crash!

-MonkWarrior, aka Chris R.
Basketball, Golf and Poker.

All are fun to play, but to watch on TV is brutal. Basketball wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't some silly foul called every 15-20 seconds. And Poker a sport....seriously ESPN?
Curling is super boring to watch. And I hate it even more because it's become trendy to care about the stupid sport so now everyone has to talk about it when you know they're just as bored as you are.

It is baseballl combined with golf and a spanking paddle. I don't get it.

There's a sizable Indo-Pak population in my city, and they have a cricket league that plays not far from my house. One of my favorite summer activities is to bring a some gin and tonic down to the park to watch Cricket. I still don't "get it" (scoring still baffles me), but I love its historical connection to baseball, which is the greatest sport ever.

I don't like most "timed" sports. Football is a big dislike of mine. While I do enjoy the action, the timed aspect annoys me. Why? Because when one team is down 38-3 with four minutes remaining, there is absolutely no reason to continue. The leading team would have to pretty much hand the ball directly to the opposing team and make a path to the end zone to give them a chance at winning. In a sport like baseball, however, even if a team is down 11-0 going into the ninth inning, a comeback is very possible.
Baseball and Golf. Absolute snooze fests.

Who said soccer? Soccer is not just sport, it's art.
pretty much all of them
except: Hockey and ANY Martial Art
Nascar I hate with a passion beyond reasoning. On the flip side, I absolutely LOVE Motor Cycle racing, Rally Racing, and GT racing, as well as Dirtbike racing.

Soccer is another sport I absolutely loathe, as well as Basket Ball.
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American football. I dont care about the kevlar armour they wear or if it isn't tougher than rugby or rugby league but it just absurd and ludicrious. You have an offensive and defensive team? What, because the game is so physically exhausting and involves so much running you have to have two seperate teams?

I take it you're a descendant of a european / are a european?


Football. You literally spend 1/3 of the time watching them with their butts in the air (Aka, crouching position).

Curling is another one, but that's just so much fun to make fun of. "Hey guys! Look at the Canadian Janitors!"
Arena. I just can't get into it, and don't understand the people that actually watch streams of it, but to each their own, I guess
American Football, worst sport ever.
Cross Country (running), and track, are the best sports ever on the other hand!

Football. You literally spend 1/3 of the time watching them with their butts in the air (Aka, crouching position).

The reality is a normal NFL game takes roughly 3 hours to play, out of that entire time there is actually only 10 to 12 minutes of action...the rest of that time is just wasted.
Football, tennis, golf, water polo.

Football, tennis, golf, water polo.


I tried water polo once but my horse drowned
All of them.

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