Please bring back [Divine Intervention]

So me and my friend were reminiscing old WoW and we both agreed that the best paladin spell ever was Divine Intervention.

We remember using DI to save the raid from a wipe.

As lowbies running back to exit the instance because the tank died. It was too far and we couldn't make it so one of us sacrificed ourselves to save the other.

Ganking noobs in The Barrens. The Horde showed up and we called for back up in our party but they couldn't get there in time with the slow 100% mounts. Instead before my buddy dies, he DI's the other guy so back up could come and save him.

And DIing someone just for laughs.

It was such a awesome spell. It was the spell that matched the Paladin class's identity. Selfless, divine, and awesome among other things. It was used to create great WoW memories. Memories that make playing WoW a fun and memorable experience. Why Blizzard do you remove a way to create fun memories? Please return this spell in 5.2 or another 5.X.X patch.
The reason they took it out wasn't because they hated the spell or hated fun, it's because it caused so many glitches and bugs on boss fights whenever it was used during betas that in the end they decided the game was better off without it.
And the griefing. Don't forget the griefing for which it was frequently used.

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