Warning to the Horde.

It has come to our attention that the horde forces have been harassing the following locations:
  • Goldshire
  • Stormwind
  • Ironforge
  • Deeprun Tram
  • Shrine of Seven Stars

  • As horde do not need to be here please leave now or punishment will commence.

    This is a warning.
    Please heed the warning.

    Failure to move the horde members away from those locations will result in war.
    Well i have a warning for the Alliance

    I like apples

    If i am not given apples i will be very upset

    that is all.
    Kleetus, I can understand the need for apples, but no due to Snaj there will be no apples. He has stolen all the apples in the world. Blame him not me.

    Torchsong, yes let there be popcorn for all alliance members!
    I managed to ruin a low level's questing experience by completely obliterating the NPC's in an area in Duskwood and winning a 1v2 against 2 level 90s who tried to defend it. It was so fun that I'm gonna be doing that again very soon.

    This is a warning to you crummy alliance children.
    And i managed to destroy an entire city which in turn ruined many hordes plans for the day.

    what is your point?
    No you didn't, you managed to beg us into letting you win TB and make this story up after getting 1 shot by a city guard.
    uhm no see?

    see the in pain in the hordes eyes?
    Yeah you and 225 other people which you didn't mention originally as well as copying the music Paragon used in their world first Al'Akir 25 heroic. Amazing.
    And your point is what exactly? all im seeing is a crying hordie.
    Ok I win the argument. Laters.
    01/18/2013 11:34 PMPosted by Kadi
    Ok I win the argument. Laters.

    Mhm. Its hard to argue with stupid.
    yeah im feeling that an argument with the stupid Kadi would be hard:)
    Im sorry but this thread has been derailed to much....

    back to the apples!
    01/18/2013 11:10 PMPosted by Slashandburn

    Let's see:
    Blood Death Knight,
    Clicks cooldowns,
    Clicks PvP Trinket,
    Does nothing of use the entire video,

    01/18/2013 11:01 PMPosted by Slashandburn
    And i managed to destroy an entire city which in turn ruined many hordes plans for the day.

    Can't convince the retarded alliance that they're retarded. It's like trying to convince a 1200 elo League player that he belongs there. Isn't possible.

    I love stirring things up :)
    And I love giving back the rage :)
    Yes i am not a "hardcore" player but i dont see any of you horde folk doing anything about it.

    come kill me?
    stir some trouble?
    We are waiting.
    01/19/2013 12:25 AMPosted by Kleetus


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