Warning to the Horde.

"You underestimate our numbers"
Don't try it
Oh Please, do not attack our belove Shrine, she does not deserve a bunch of back-peddling scum running all crazy like through her decadent halls.
Let alone the lag you brang to the once beloved home of the cart. ( RIP in Pieces Cart 2012 )

I beg you good sire, leave the antics of the blood Death knight pvp to the sanctioned battlegrounds, not infront of the Women and Children, They have done nothing to deserve the fore mentioned massacre.

There is still time for a Diplomatic end to this conflict. No more need to be hurt.
I can see now that your have been hurt, Through the Democracy we call the Horde we will hunt down the oppressors that caused the pain in the Goldshire.

A War is not in the cards for either faction at the moment so please

02/03/2013 11:49 PMPosted by Eruptor
Don't try it

No more Blood need be shed
You've lost slashandburn we have the high ground

From the layout of Orgrimmar I have always thought a valley was a lowered area of ground between hills or mountains

Tell me again how you have the "high ground"
Its an inside joke, you wouldn't understand

Alliance scum
Attack Shrine of Two Moons you %!%@@%**#

And those were our people today!
02/04/2013 12:00 AMPosted by Dolan
Through the Democracy we call the Horde we will hunt down the oppressors that caused the pain in the Goldshire.

My allegiance is to the Horde,

You brought those alliance here to kill me.
God Help us!
Looking forward to the screenshots and FRAPS videos on Poutube.
It has come to our attention that the horde forces have been harassing the following locations:
  • Goldshire
  • Stormwind
  • Ironforge
  • Deeprun Tram
  • Shrine of Seven Stars

  • As horde do not need to be here please leave now or punishment will commence.

    This is a warning.
    Please heed the warning.

    Failure to move the horde members away from those locations will result in war.

    Really, you had to make another thread about this -_-

    Woah Saufang is a pve server... You're complaining about PvP related issues... =/
    dis is srs bsns gus !1111111@@ !!~~~~~~
    hai slash, y u pissing off the horde folk for, you know they bite too hard
    This happened on Khaz'Goroth - kind of related.


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