(H) <Haven> 14/14H - Wed/Thurs

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<Haven> is a raiding guild on the Hyjal server looking to recruit mature, like-minded individuals for 2 nights a week of dedicated raid time. Our officer core has previously run successful 25m heroic raiding guilds through 3 expansions and are putting in the time/effort to recruit a solid team of players for MoP rather than simply "filling the ranks." Having returned to raiding after a Firelands break the end of January 2013, we started small with 10m content and have since transitioned into 25m raiding to pursue our ultimate goal of 25m heroics.

5.4 Raid Nights - 2 nights/week (server time):
- Wednesday, 6:45-10pm PST
- Thursday, 6:45-10pm PST

The goal of Haven is to progress through end game content, increasing the fun of its members through relationships founded on mutual respect and teamwork. Although we only raid 2 nights a week, we have a serious raiding orientation with the long-term focus of shifting into hard modes. In order to achieve this end, we also have very high expectations of our raiders. This means you must be self-motivated, knowledgeable of all the important raiding aspects of your character, come on time, and be prepared on raid nights.

Since Haven started raiding the beginning of Feb 2013, we have completed 16/16N T14, 1/13H ToT, and are currently 13/14H SoO. We are recruiting skilled raiders to fill the last few core positions in our raid team as we continue to actively push the new Siege of Orgrimmar content.

Currently recruiting:
Please see website.

Our guild distributes loot using the EP/GP system. You can find out more information about this on our website.

To apply, visit our website and review our Guild Policy and Loot Rules under the Forums tab. You may also direct any questions to an officer in game:

GM - Divineballer - leeluvlun#1381
Zerakul - Zera#1454
Achaeron - arios#1774
Kauitzer - Kaubell#1881

Website: http://haven-hyjal.wowlaunch.com/

We look forward to hearing from you! :)


Haven Leadership
Howdy Mysery. I would like to talk to either you or Ebonrage if at all possible. I have an interesting proposition for you, and was wondering if I could have some time. Thanks in advance.

I'll be online tonight... and try to get in touch with ya.
Still looking for raiders! Check out our website :)
Post updated to include core needs!
check 1 check 2...
I heard Haven breeds Dragons!
Yeah gurlll
up up up
Heal us!! :)
Garalon & Wind Lord down tonight! 10/16
12/16 as of tonight! /flex
Go go 25m recruitment!
16/16, bump :)
Going in to ToT tonight - wewt.

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