(H) <Haven> 14/14H - Wed/Thurs

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Are you by any chance looking for a top tier rogue, shadow/disc priest, and a holy pally? 3 different people all very experienced, high caliber, player.
Hey Cambium! Yes, we would actually have a spot for each of you in our 25m... let's chat soon! Mysery#1782
Great group so far - looking for a few more solid raiders for the core 25m. Up!! :)
Up up! Need a few more dps and heals for the 25m core. :)
Nice apps so far - almost there :D

Oh hi!
still recruiting various class/specs (i.e. plate melee, hunter, rogue, shadow priests, holy pally, etc.)... UP!!
Great first night in 25m ToT!! 23 guildies & 2 pug dps. Back for more Friday.... Bump!

2/12 ToT :)
3/12! Bump for updated recruitment needs!
4/12 - updated needs :)
heeeeere pally pally pally...
5/12 - good job tonight guys :)
6/12 - Durumu is next!! Fear the maze... :P
8/12 now :D...Just wanted to mention that I make awesome mage cakes.
9/12 - looking for a couple more raiders... check out our website
WTB deeps that tear it up!
Oh yeah and one of those healers who throws water everywhere.

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