(H) <Haven> 14/14H - Wed/Thurs

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^ perfect for this warm weather we're having
reviewing our roster and updated needs again - bummmmmmp :)
Wtb more laser chickens!
up! :)
If you say "who stole my Honda" really fast it sounds Arabic.
Hi Ebonrage...Ive pugged with you before on at least one of my toons. My guild has decided to start an hour earlier, which my work commitments keep me from attending on time, so Im looking for a new raid group. I have 12/12 ToT nm exp. on a different toon. Im looking for a plate dps spot and can make your raid times if youre interested.
10/12 in 1 night of raiding this week, including 1 new boss - great night guys!
<witty comment>
<witty comment>

Trying to take my job now? :(
<insert randomly pointless and totally irrelevant comment here>
<bat guano>
Still looking!
Lions and Tigers and Chickens Oh my!
/bump for a great group of raiders. thanks for carrying my sorry deeps last night guys!
definetly good group ran on dk with u guys last week very smooth will like to join u guys
Thanks, guys! :)

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