Divine Purpose needs a slight buff

It's not quite there with the other two options, but it would be nice to see it as a viable alternative for those who prefer sustained to burst. A 5% buff in proc rate and crit chance would make it competitive.

Of course, in my dream world DP would be baseline again. Ironically, I hated it in Cata because it was integral to our offence and when you got on a cold streak it sucked. But now it feels like it always should have: a fun BONUS when it procs. Sometimes I take it for PvE just 'cause good times.
01/19/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Carmageddon
in my dream world DP would be baseline again

If only if only.

It would boost our sustaining dps while hardly even touching burst. Next tier tho, mmmm DP might be king, dat Holy TVs with DP running yeahyeahyeah
It does, maybe post this in the Damage Dealing forums or the PTR Discussion forums where it can get some constructive attention.

A slight proc chance increase and a passive with a small damage boost in some form tacked on to it is all it needs to shine.

I don't want it going baseline again though, in Cata it filled in downtime in our rotation. Well it did when it felt like procing, now our rotation is fluid and filled out enough without it.

It's better that it be a choice for those who enjoy it, just needs to be a viable choice.

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