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I am approaching level 60 swiftly and my damage is lets say underwhelming... how could I improve? In pvp i am out damaged and honour farming is very hard ( I'm trying to get heirlooms XD). I'm pretty-much a noob but i know my way around the game. Please help me... lol
Well...you should be in outland by now and the gear will markedly improve. The biggest possible improvement to rogue dps by a mile is weapons, always go for the best you can get.

Enchanting is an excellent profession if your dps matters as you level, every bit of your gear should have an enchant on it; you should be disenchanting all your quest rewards and dungeon drops for mats. Don't underestimate it. Mining, I assume, is for cash - it only gives you stamina, which is a bit useless for a pure dps class, even in pvp. It would be better to pick something else.
I would imagine farming honor at your level for heirlooms would be hideously slow.

You can also buy the heirlooms from a vendor at the Darkmoon faire (DMF) with darkmoon faire tickets, which are much easier and faster to accumulate.

Make sure you have the Darkmoon adventurers guide in your bags while doing random dungeons to be able to loot artifacts from bosses or if you have some spare gold simply buy them off the AH (they're usually cheaper when the DMF event is not active).
Handing in these artifacts will reward you with the tickets you need to purchase heirlooms.
See the link below for more info.

Ok, thanks very much guys! mining was for the money but what do i really need money for other than learning flying and stuff XD?
Well while your leveling yeah pretty much, if that's all your doing.

But as I said the fastest way to get heirlooms is to buy the artifacts when they're cheap and turn em' in for the tickets to buy the looms.
Your AH is probably completely different to my realms AH, but just an example, the artifacts can go for as low as 20 gold to as high as 500 gold.

The Treatise and Soothsayer artifacts will be unusable for you until you reach lvl 85 but the others will probably drain your money well enough.
There're at least 7 you can hand in each month, your weapon will cost you 110 tickets so in two months if you hand in all 7 artifacts each month you'll have your weapon to boost your damage a bit.
Another thing to keep in mind however is that the weapon looms do not give an xp gain boost like the armor looms do, but it seems like your more worried about your dmg rather than leveling quick.

Correct me if i'm wrong but professions aren't going to help you much with anything other than making money, as you wont be able to get any of the perks until you max the profession.
You can easily buy the lower lvl enchants off the AH as they'll be extremely cheap (unless they're usable on heirlooms)

Good luck anyway!
I do enjoy my rogue but I don't think it is the class for me, so i have decided I wish to restart and make a hunter, but I don't know what spec is for me? I want to go mm because I hate relying on pets because they are squishy but I hear BM has the best dps and that is the only one i wasn't considering D:
I recommend you visit the hunter forum class here for some insight, check out the stickied guides at the top and maybe ask for some newbie tips.

While leveling I wouldn't worry about which class does the most damage as those figures most likely only apply to level capped raiding hunters. You'll be able to dual spec at level 30 too, to test out which one you like.
Also the squishyness of your pet depends on what type it is, I don't know much more than that but i'm sure they'll have explained it more in the hunter class forums.
The rogues I hear are getting buffed come the new patch in a few weeks, other than that I can't help much. ( Always remember your poisons, I often hear rogues say oh damn, sec forgot my poisons,lol )

For hunters, yes BM is the most favoured spec atm especially in pvp due to the extra stuns.
I bg and do 2's, this is my first season in arena's started only a few weeks a go and have been doing well as survival, not sure how MM is atm.

It really is a matter of trying everything out and picking what suits your playstyle the best regardless of what is OP atm. If you go BM you will be looking for spirit beasts to tame, other than that I would highly recommend spiders for pvp.
I understand where you guys are coming from and thanks for the insight, i have found that i really enjoy survival hunters and have picked up my hunter again :D. I tried them all and beast mastery is just a bit too easy. As for my rogue, I am not sure it is the class for me, to be absolutely honest I don't have a lot of fun playing it and when I do, i fail XD! So I have come to the conclusion that ranged is the way for me! Thanks for helping me make this decision wow has a great community much better than most other games I play!

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