Greetings! Looking for a new home.

Earthen Ring
Good day to everyone!

My name's Victor, and I recently decided to resub to WoW to see if my connection would improve on a new server outside Oceanic regions.

I used to be on Kul Tiras, then moved to Nagrand Oceanic, and now I am considering rerolling as an Alliance-based Pandaren Monk.

Would you happen to have any clue as to how I could get started with finding a casual set of folk who can help me out? My main goals are to level up, engage in pet battles and eventually do the farming quests in Pandaria.

I'd also like to try some roleplaying, but I'm not sure if there are guilds here that are okay with light roleplay and more game-related meanderings and questions from someone like myself who dabbles in a lot of MMOs.

Thanks again!
We can certainly help you out within our guild, we are casual mainly focused on pve and leveling, we have rp and pvp members as well. Look us up in game or send a request in game via the guild finder!
Hey there!

Thanks for letting me know. I'll check your info out when I leave the Pandaren Starter area. Had to reroll as a character transfer and faction change was a little too steep to pay for.

This is Shakunetsu by the way. :)

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