Thinking of transfering here

I wanted to know how this servers economy and social aspect are for alliance. I like both pvp and pve but mostly pve. What would you people advise? I am now on a dead alliance server super dominated by the horde and I cannot stay. Thanks in advance!
Run away from this server as fast as you can.
The alliance side is great and we have a lot of fun, Ah is a little overpriced but thats a trend in the alliance. Youll love it here if you transfer.
Alliance isn't too terrible, but there are far better servers out there if you're looking for population and good economy. Horde is awful.
Horde side has ME. This is better than ANYTHING the alliance can offer.
Veiled... you're a boob. I love you.
01/19/2013 11:44 PMPosted by Wickerbasket
Veiled... you're a boob. I love you.

you're also a boob.. together we make a great team. <3
The server is what you make of it. There's a good core here, it's a medium pop realm. If you make friends easily you would do fine here. If you're a snake in the grass you probably won't.

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