[A] Celestial Rebirth 11/13 M - LF DPS

Emerald Dream
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Bump! Need some ranged DPS!
You know, I might have offered my services as Supreme Moonkin Commander of the Armies of Tranquility, but...
02/18/2013 07:28 PMPosted by Layke
Smar sucks.
RIP Smar. You will be missed.
Bump for 25m progress and needs!
Bump for updated and awesome website!
It's 5.2! If you want a raid spot in the fastest growing and successful team on ED, hit us up!
Wait, what? 1 shotting the first boss like it's nothing? Sign up for this sheeeeet!
Bump! Need a Resto Shaman and a Warlock!
Bump for needing a sick !@# MW Monk!
Parse bump.
Bump! Grats on amazing kills guys! Lei Shen next week!
Grats on a solid and clean 10m Lei Shen kill guys! He's going down for sure in the 25m this week!
Bump! Grats on Heroic Jin'Rokh!

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