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Earthen Ring
Åscension is looking for a skilled healer to round out our raiding roster, we are looking for more then a warm body that can spam heals. We want to recruit a fellow brother that is interested in pushing content, all the while improving his or her game. Most of our core raid team has been working together going on our 3rd year and we enjoy more then just downing bosses in regular and heroic modes. Achievement runs, heroics, alt runs and even grouping in other games are all part of what has kept our team and guild together and strong even during gaps in content. Each of our core raid team members have gone through the same process to become part of the team, they have been evaluated over a set schedule of raids with each current team member weighing in on performance and personality. This has helped us to ensure that we have built a solid team filled with individuals that both like the raider they are lining up next to and also respect the level of play coming from fellow teammates. If this is the kind of raiding environment that interests you and you are willing to strive to improve your skills as well as the skill of those around you we would like to hear from you.

As you might have noticed we did not specify a healing class, atm we have healers that play multiple healing class very well. For the right person our current healers would be willing to adjust the class they play to support the needs of the raid team. So we would be willing to consider any healing class at this time. Below you will find our raid times, website info and my battle.net tag.

Raid Times:

Tue night 9:30 - 12:30 server

Thur night 9:30 - 12:30 server


Thracken #1497
Earthen Ring thank you for your response to our post looking for a healer for our core raid team. Atm we are looking good and are no longer in need of a healer at this time. As a guild though we are always open to positive wow players looking for a guild to call home. If you are interested in hanging out in mumble while knocking out heroics or you want to hit some challenge modes Åscension might fit your needs. Give myself or Celdred a whisper in game if you are interested.


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