Leona Earthwind

Any advice for this fight? I'm stuck on it because the adds hit too hard. Should I go Protection, maybe? Should I just wait until my gear is better?

Anything helps, I guess.
PVE gear would help a lot in the Brawler's Guild.

I can't really give any advice from experience because I just bursted her down before the adds started hurting.

But somethings you can try if the adds really are killing you, stun her when she's casting an add summon and take Fist of Justice so you can do it more often.

After your defensive CD's are exhausted Blinding Light will buy you some time and in the end I suppose you could either try to kite her as you DPS or just kill the adds if you can manage that and still make the enrage.
You can also use Blinding Light to interrupt her cast too, if your Fist of Justice is still on cooldown.

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