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As of right now (01/20/13) I have a level 72 Protection Paladin. If you are reading this within a day or two of my posting this, then it should be about the same if you click on it and check it out. Anyway, I'd like this thread to be a sort of open forum for Protection Paladin questions.

So, let me start it out with a few questions of my own (I apologize if my question turns into a paragraph):

First, I am wearing the full Brutal Gladiator's Vindication Set, complete with the matching Guardian's Scaled Greaves and Belt. Also, before this, I wore the full "Field Marshall's Aegis" PvP epic set. I have my current set fully socketed with gems, and, as of right now, I am planning on getting the best possible set with Honor or Justice Points once I hit level 80. As you can probably tell, I do PvP a fair amount, considering I have accumulated, over the course of my playing this toon, probably close to 8000 Honor Points, and currently have about 3000. However, people tend to assume that since I obtain these sets as soon as I hit the required level, and since I have accumulated a fairly large amount of Honor Points, that I am strictly a PvP'er. Not the case. I PvE in dungeons almost as much as I PvP, and I quest a fair amount as well. So, to finally get to the point, my question is: Because my set is a PvP set and boosts PvP Resilience (instead of, say, Mastery, which would benefit me more in PvE), do I NEED a seperate set for PvE? If so, I would most likely purchase the Brutal Gladiator's Vindication Set & reforge the PvP Resilience to Mastery or Expertise. By the way, I ask this question not only as a Level 72, but also for the future & higher levels, will I run into people who will not want me in PuG's because I have PvP resilience as an attribute? Your thoughts are much appreciated, and please do what you can to provide your knowledge upon answering this question while also asking a question of you'd like.


-Nate AKA Tiberseptim of B R E T H R E N
First, you can not reforge into or out of resilience or pvp power. Second, most people aren't going to look at your gear unless you screw up or think you aren't doing well. You could be wearing a tutu and if you are easy to heal, pull quickly, hold agro and don't get people killed, nobody will notice, and the ones who notice and complain will likely have the rest of the group tell them to shut up. Also please avoid vendor white gems. Look on the auction house for gems.. you'll often find far better gems that are just as cheap as the white ones you have.

At 72, no, you don't need a different set at all. Honestly tanking gear back then wasn't even really well itemized for the time period, and the item levels are low enough that bad itemization can be totally eclipsed by using LK-era gems in those sockets.
At 80, no, not really.
At 85, don't buy that set, MoP gear is available actually starting at 80 and is just way better than any set you can buy with points. Also, kind of, but not really. It really depends on gemming and reforging past 80.
At 90, you really don't want to use pvp gear, but level 90 pvp gear is budgeted in an entirely new way. Older pvp gear, resilience was part of the budget. For level 90 gear it isn't, but the stats on most of the pvp pieces just aren't that good for tanking. There's crit on too many pieces.

As a paladin tank at current, every stat but crit (and obviously pvp power and pvp resilience, which aren't on-budget at 90 so aren't specifically relevant) are valid stats for tanking. Hit and expertise are critical for tanking, and haste, even though it's generally a dps stat, is extremely good for a number of tanking specs. That does leave a fairly long list of pvp pieces that are valid for pve tanking, provided that you gem and enchant them in ways that are valid for pve.

Malevolent Gladiator's Choker of Accuracy
Malevolent Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess
Malevolent Gladiator's Scaled Helm (The helm is honestly pretty amazing for pve prot paladins, with that much expertise)
Malevolent Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders
Malevolent Gladiator's Signet of Accuracy
Malevolent Gladiator's Girdle of Accuracy
Malevolent Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity

Are all level 90 conquest pieces that are perfectly valid for use as a tank in pve.
Thanks, I appreciate the amount of info you included in your answer, it answered alot of questions I had, and I was actually already considering upgrading to that set you mentioned when the time comes after seeing it at a vendor... since I pretty much have the lower level version of that same set right now and I am quite happy with it, I'm sure it will work perfectly for me ... So, just to clarify, basically you're saying I'm pretty well off until Lvl 80 with this set in both PvP AND PvE instances, as long as I perform well?

Also, as an aside, I AM a pretty damn good tank (not to toot my own horn or anything) and I am almost always complimented on my tanking . However, my concern was that, in the future (meaning if I continue purchasing PvP epic sets), the PvP resilience attribute would irritate people in heroic dungeons & raids, and cause them to ignore me for raids or /kick me from PuG's solely based on gearscore/attributes, despite performing well. I only bring this up because someone in my PuG a week ago decided that despite my performace, he would start QQ'in about my attributes for no particular reason (I was Lvl 69 at the time and it was actually regarding a necklace I was wearing that boosted stamina, strength and intelligence...he had a problem with the intelligence part for some reason. This got me thinking that upon reaching lvl 70 and beyond that more and more people would complain about the same types of things).

It's tough to be a tank OR a healer in a group of any kind, but especially tank, because the pressure is on you to make sure you CC your teammates. If your group wipes, even if 1 person dies, it truly is almost always the tank's fault, unless healz is alttabbed or However, I've found that I'm a natural tank, considering I started WoW with a Night Elf Frost Mage (which I quickly became bored and frustrated with), and pretty much tried almost every other class before finding Pally Tanking to be my forte. For example, I could never be a great mage, or warlock, or hunter, and I give those who are great at it a ton of credit. However, I am happy to be the center of attention (this reflects my real life personality as well), and have no problem having the team counting on my performance in order to succeed.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on my concerns in the first 2 paragraphs if you don't mind, and again, let me remind you and anyone else that this is an OPEN thread, so any questions that anyone else has regarding Pallys, Tanking, or both, please BRING THEM HERE!

Thanks again!


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