ANy reason not to play H-Paladin? (PVE)

Really like the flavor of my Paladin. I have my shaman and paladin that I'm trying to decide between. The paladin seems to have good numbers on paper, and i know shaman and paladin are both viable and good to bring to 10mans.

Is there any major downside to a holy paladin for 10mans I should be aware of? Or just in general, quality of life issues for a Hpal?

My only major concern is that shamans might bring more to the table with bloodlust and spirit link, etc.,, and there mastery throughput for low health targets. I've not raid healed much in the past so I don't know how much I should trust raw healing output / meters as an indicator of quality.

I've heald with both in lvl 85 MoP dungeons and they are so easy it's hard to really gauge the playstyle, so I'm just looking for reasons NOT to play one or the other now.

It also sounds like Enhance may be a better offspec DPS.

Yes, I posted a similar in shaman forums to get multiple perspectives.
as you might expect to hear... it just comes down to preference... I love my Hpal and rock on heals. I think overall Hpal might be a tad stronger healers than Shamans atm. I raided with a very good shaman not too long ago and sometimes we would get close in heals but he would be ranked much higher. not sure if that's because there are less shamans healing or if it's just because Shamans are healing for less. Paladin CDs are very good... hand spells are useful although I think most Paladins don't use them as much as they could. on fights like H spirit kings and Amber Shaper they are very helpful. purity is also getting buffed in 5.2.
Keep in mind this is all somewhat subjective, but it's my experience that holy paladins are generally very good at sustained high output, whereas shaman are the kings of cd's. Yes we do have a lot of cd's as well, but individually none of them (you might be able to argue the exception being holy avenger) are as strong as the traditional "raid saving" cd's other classes, including shaman, have. A holy paladin/rshaman comp is actually quite strong for that reason: pally as a holy firehose, and shaman to keep the group alive when it all hits the fan.

The other observation I have is that paladins feel like a jack of all trades master of none. I don't mean this in a bad way, only that we are very versatile at what we do, but usually fall a little short of another class when mechanics cater to that classes strengths. What this means is there are very few cases where a paladin is not a strong option for a fight, but our lack of specialization means we generally don't benefit as much from favorable mechanics as other classes. Except non-stacked damage aura fights. We are pretty ridiculously good at those.
You are correct, there is no reason not to play your Holy Paladin.
Our AoE healing isn't the best, I suppose, but we more than make up for that with good tank heals.

Really, the best choice is whichever one you feel more comfortable with.
My ten man runs a Holy Paladin. As long as you aren't running two of them--you'll really suffer from lack of strong healing CDs for heavy damage phases--you'll be fine; the Paladin really doesn't have any notable weaknesses otherwise, so they can fill in the gaps for the other healer.
Holy Paladin is very strong, it really comes down to enjoying the play style. Only downside they ever have is not a lot of mobile healing, but we do have a couple tools to use.

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