Thinking of transferring here

I was thinking of transferring here and looking for a guild that raids 10 PM est to around 2 AM est. My MoP raid experience is 11/16N. I am returning from a extended break and looking to get back into raiding. In Cata I was 9/13H in BD,BOT, and TFW, 6/7H in Firelands, and 8/8H in DS. If interested, please add my battletag Bluelantern 1541 or post here.
We are still looking for another solid player to add to our core. Not sure what class you'd be interested in moving, but we could make room for quite a few different specs. Contact me, Slb, or Papipark in-game, or you can post in the <Contention> thread here on the KT forums for more info! Also, our typical raid time is 8-11 server time which would be 10 PM to 1 AM for you so I presume that would be perfect.
Application sent!
Not sure what class you are or if you found a guild yet, but figured I'd post here anyway.

Requiem of the Fallen (6/6 MSV) (4/6 HoF) (3/4 ToES) is looking to recruit a healer (Minimum 485 ilvl) for our 10m core. We'd like a healer that has a good dps set as well, or that is working on a dps set. Preferred classes: shaman, priest, monk, but all are welcome if you have experience and know the fights.

Current raid time is Tues/Wed 9PM EST

If you're interested, you can either reply here or whisper me in game.
Battletag: EnigmaVortex#1712

If I'm not online, you can try to whisper our raid leader, Dromio, or send me mail in-game.
Feel free to add Dromio on Real ID: or Battletag: Endorphins#1445

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