LF late night raiding guild

Area 52
hello im posting here re rolling a new toon on area 52 (dont have the money to exfer a character) come from dying server looking for a guild to join to start raiding will be hitting 90 withing a couple days power lvling used to raid hardcore back in cata/half way thru wrath had to stop for a little while cause of newborn baby but looking to get back into it very knowledgeable very good raid awareness prefer to heal as its what i have done for many years primary resto/ele not looking for something to casual that only does 1 normal boss etc but no hardmodes is ok just looking to get back into raiding if anyone know or has a guild looking for a resto/ele shaman hit me up pls will be 90 very soon as i have 4 already just yeah wont be xffering any

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