Soloing Brutallus

So I was hoping to get some suggestions. Although there are a lot of posts online of others accomplishing the feat, I can't seem to solo Brutallus. At approximately 45%, I immediately get hit by Burn for 250k every time. I have tried to kite him around to refresh the debuff with no success. I wanted to see if anyone else has any suggestions on how to get past this. I know it's has nothing to do with the enrage timer since he hits 45% at approximately 1-2 minutes in, depending on if I try to kite him.
Dont know what your ilvl is but i did it in this gear pretty much. With second wind and defensive cds and maybe defensive stance near the end, it wasnt too bad. I didnt have to kite him or anything.
Also been done in this gear as well, save all defensive cooldowns for about 30% and just swap to Defensive stance between slashes, second wind should suffice. Also if we had an armory link we could probably give you more insight.
Sorry guys about the toon link. I didn't realize that my main was not selected as my avatar. Here is a link for ya.

I will say that I have stayed in Def Stance the entire time and it doesn't seem to help. Like clockwork every time....45%....get hit with a 250k hit.
I just tank in my fury gear and spam shield barrier. You can pretty much solo anything like this.

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