Methodic 8/16H Seeking tanks

We are currently seeking 2 tanks to fill out our roster.

Guild Name: Methodic
Server: US-Arthas (PvP)
Raid Size: 10 man
Raid Times: 9:30-12:30 EST (6:30-9:30 PST)
Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Total hours per week: 9-14
Age Restrictions: 18+
Battletag Contact: trorg#1492

Current Progression:
5/6H MSV
3/6H HoF
4/4 TES

Recruitment Status: High Need
Dk-Blood (with strong off spec)
Warrior - Prot (with strong off spec)
Pala- Prot (with strong off spec)

We are a team of dedicated and determined players - when we play, we play to win. We are a diverse group of working adults, and we place a high value on our raid time together. We enjoyed strong progression throughout Cataclysm with many top 200 kills, 4 Realm First achievements, and some US 10 man kills as high as 86. Our most rewarding achievement was our US 155 Heroic 10man Ragnaros kill.

We have not had a great start to Tier 14, but that does not mean we are happy about it - or that we will allow ourselves to remain in such a position. We are seeking players who want to compete, who want to rank, and who want to have fun while doing it.

If you are interested in progression without raiding 20 hours per week, contact me in game Trorg#1492 email at gene.webb@gmail.comor visit us at
Gogo tanks
Just need 1 solid tank with a good dps OS. Pref pally/war but always willing to take exp apps
Still need of 1 solid tank
1solid tank go
Good luck on last tank.

Wtb 1 good block tank with pizza
Your application on your website doesn't work for some reason.
what doesn't work about it?
Oh huh, it works now. Sorry for the confusion.
Np at all. just have to makesure you sign up to the site befor you app
still need a solid tank

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