Noob tanking question (multiple targets).

I am starting to level up and as new dungeons (5 mans) start to open up to me I have to admit that I am really starting to feel overwhelmed. Most of my problems have to do with the following situation.

5 mobs lined up in a row. casters on the far ends. Casters don't move and just start nuking everything. I know its so stupid to ask this question but figure if I get specific someone will tell me how the heck you veterans do it. I normally will target the rogue Caster and drag the rest of the mobs with me behind me but then the other caster stands still and does the same thing. How do you do it?

Thanks in advance and be kind. I want to learn.

ps. I also notice that in 5 mans for my level I just can't hold aggro on all the mobs at times (when there are multiple mobs in a pull). I'm not sure if dps is just going crazy on whatever mobs or they are actually targeting what I'm targeting. /sigh.
Avenger's Shield silences the primary target. Use that on one caster and run to where the other caster is. The one hit by Avenger's Shield will move towards you as long as the silence lasts, which should be plenty enough time for it to get into melee range (as long as you don't glyph Dazing Shield).
Throw an Avenger's Shield at one caster, and gather everything up on top of the other one. AS silences, forcing them to close to melee.

LoS pulling (around a corner, behind a pillar, etc) is also a perfectly usable method for dealing with casters that want to stay at range, although it's not often needed these days.

It's pretty normal to have aggro problems in low-level dungeons; DPS tend to not be very coordinated, but are often very overgeared, so they will quite often target a different enemy and easily rip it off you. You can mitigate it a little with Hand of Salvation, and sometimes it can help if you choose targets by assisting them (since they're not assisting you). To some degree you just kind of have to get used to it; at the level cap it largely goes away and a tank can pretty easily hold everything.
Thanks. Like I said, I know its kinda stupid to ask but for all my time playing the game I have been a healer of some sort or another. I really like tanking but its honestly so hard since you are the leader of the pack of people and to be truthful I've trained myself to play as a healer who normally helps the pack by following. The hard part for me is the anxiousness I have when I start a new instance and have to learn all over again what to do and NOT do. Last night was an example where I warned everyone that this was my first time in this instance and someone wrote "No thanks" and left. I have to say that it really did affect me for some reason. I guess I need to gain a back bone.
With 500% threat dropping consecration and hammer spam with hold agro while you watch TV. I basically can drop DnD hit blood boil twice and tab out its such a joke to hold threat now. I usually whisper hunters to misdirect stuff onto healers just to make things interesting.
Tanking does require a very different mindset than any other role, and it's even tougher when you're learning the ropes. It's never stupid to ask for help; one of the hardest things as a tank is that you're the only tank in the run, so you don't get to see the little tricks about how other tanks do things, which is made even harder when you don't know the instance in the first place.

You don't want to be too timid, because really slow runs aren't fun, but neither do you want to be too bold, or the whole thing becomes stressful and risky. Finding where to strike the balance is tricky. Keep at it! It can be tough, but it's also very rewarding.
Nah, it's not stupid to ask. :)

There are a lot of people who think tanks (and every other role, really) should be perfect and know everything before they ever set foot in a dungeon or raid. You just have to learn to ignore the people who get mean or angry when you're new.

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