Twilight with Zombies?

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I made a nice post in a similar thread a few weeks ago... but when I searched for it, apparently the thread was deleted for whatever reason.

Basically, I agree.
That movie looks like absolute garbage.
Well if its horrible, just watch Dead Girl and you will be fine.
I actually want to see that movie. And it has Beast as the leading zombie! :D
Leave it to the internet to poke holes in anything.
That might be something completely different. These people just showed up at the audition chanting "TV rots your braaaiiins". It'd have been awesome if they hadn't spent the five weeks before the audition announcing to anyone and everyone that they were going to do it.

Instead of being a statement on how bad TV has gotten, it wound up being a desperate plea for attention.

Oh... No, I didn't hear anything about that.

No, Ramalama is a different thing entirely.
I saved myself a great deal of pain by just reading what happens.

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