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The current guild that I am with, while a great bunch of people, the raid schedule is beating me down, since one of the progression days is on Saturday.
I'm nosing around a bit while I attempt to get a hold of my GM to see if it possible to get hooked up with another group of good people on this realm.

Anyway... About me: I like to think I am a pretty good player of my particular class, I'm not perfect, as I have had my teeth kicked in while trying to get my game back. (When I did have it before I left WoW for 6-7 months, I was among the top 3K mages in the world back in Early Cata before I went Warr-Tank for awhile)
Was 6/6, 4/6 and 4/4 before I was forced to revert my toon from Horde back to Alliance (So Horde, need not apply, unless you're willing to help pay for the faction change)
I'm primarily Fire, swap into Arcane if need be for single target burst (Like Elegon for Example) and I have been keeping a closer eye out on what works for what particular spec nowadays and it has been keeping me near the top of the charts (Or far and beyond it in case of the LFD! lol :))

If you have a little patience with me, I can take some criticism in order to improve, as I truly wish to do so, I would love to join ranks with you guys.

More serious in looking for a guild with a compatible schedule!
(Had a chat with my current GM, he understands :))
Hey there were currently looking for full time mage who can compete with or current dps. our raid times are Tue-Wed-Sun 6:30-10:30 est I'd be willing to explain who we are if you want to talk. get ahold off me Shaffer#1932 or Drizzy#1635 looking forward to speaking with you seriously.
First off let me give a description of our community. Bench Squad is a small hardcore community of experienced players that have been together in one form or another since World of Warcraft's release years ago. Our outlook on raiding is simple, sit down in front of your computer 2 days a week, 4-5 hours a night and dedicate that time to playing at your best. Performing at your peak results in fast efficient progression and an enjoyable experience for you and your fellow raiders.


Horde, Turalyon-PVE(US) EST - Medium population

Current Progression

Team 1

16/16 Normal
6/16 Heroic

Team 2

16/16 Normal

Raid Schedule

Team 1 : 7pm -11pm Server (Est)

Team 2 : 11am - 4pm Server (Est)

Positions available

Team -1


Note: Due to our current level of progression and performance we are looking for
players that are at or beyond our level of progression. Please contact Burgerdos or myself in game for an in depth interview before or after you submit an application. We want to make sure that you will enjoy our community before you attend a trial. It is also very important to be prepared we will ask to see logs before making any decision.

Team -2

Holy Paladin
Guardian Druid

Note : Both teams are always looking for substitutes or new players who want to rotate in for farm content. Our goal is to have 2-3 full time raid teams so there is always ample opportunity to join and raid. If you think you would enjoy our community contact us in game or apply on our website.

What we look for in a player:

Prospective members should be searching for a place to play long-term. The more a player works with their team, the better they become as an individual and as an asset to the raid. Cohesion is essential to a raid's success. Bench Squad is a 10 man hardmode progression team and with that being said we require our team members to be top notch in order to maintain steady progression that being said here is what we look for in our members.

Selfless play. Progression raiding is not an environment where one individual may disregard proper targeting and expect to complete the encounter.

Excellent execution. Major factors we look for in a player are: proper positioning, damage allocation, communication, minimizing damage taken, and strategy understanding.

Follows directions. There is no time to second-guess the raid leader. Being attentive and learning quickly make all the difference.

Maximizing your performance

Utilize the many tools provided for your specific class be it forums, mods or sims. 

Double potting every pull be it progression or farm content, we are not one to waste time we like to clear content in one night if possible to leave us more time to enjoy other things in or outside of the game.

Min/Maxing your character, making sure you are properly gemmed/enchanted/forged at all times. 

The loot System 

Loot will distributed using Suicide Kings so that it is random and evenly distributed. On that note we do use a demerit system that punishes tardiness or blatant mistakes while raiding, these demerits lead to a lower standing in the suicide kings loot distribution table. We do this to promote performance from our raiders.

Raider Requirements

Max level professions - we require our raiders to have two max level professions, the professions are your choice but it does help to have at least one profession with pve perks.

Competitive game play - Bench Squad is looking for players that will to push their game play to the limit. Bench squads existing raiders are exceptional and we expect a high level of performance from any member of the team. If you are applying we expect performance on par with our own. If you plan to apply for a core position you are required to submit at least one WoL, no exception. 

Communications skills - During a fight mumble is a tool for success not a tool for trolling. Communication is key and the effective use of mumble is required.

Please note, as stated before this is a hardcore group and our raid schedule is two nights a week if you plan to join, please submit an application at the website below that shows that you are truly interested and serious about joining.



In-game contacts :

Burgerdos / Azados - Raid Leader
Invalice = Recruitment (Aeodyn#1851)
Greetings Teaori,

<Impetus> on Horde is recruiting to finish out our raid team. In particular we need 1-2 DPS, and a skilled Mage would work great if your are willing to swap to Horde. We raid Tues/Thurs from 9pm to 12am EST, which is a a nice, small schedule.

We are aiming to quickly get up to speed, gear up, get used to playing together, and be ready for 5.2 when it launches. Our goal in 5.2, and beyond, will be to quickly clear normal modes and begin working our way through heroics, with the ultimate goal of completing all of the content and meta achievements before the release of the next tier. Since we will only be raiding 6 hours per week, we are looking specific kinds of raiders, and will be requiring specific things:

* We are looking for people who love raiding and pushing themselves to do better.
* We are looking for people who actively communicate with the team.
* Be dedicated to the raid group and raid times.
* Be laid back and mature.

If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don't hesitate to give one of our officers a whisper in game, or head to our website:

Full Recruiting Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592240892
Website: http://impetus.guildlaunch.com
In Game: Dethkrik#1795 (Dethkrik, Ythica), Taliya

Either way, good luck with your search!
Hey there If you are willing to faction change we could use another Mage in our 25 man. Contact me (Enris618#1280)

Guild Name: Massacre
Server: Turalyon (PVE) EST
Raid Times: 8:45pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Loot System: DKP (Closed Bidding)
Website: http://massacre-turalyon.guildlaunch.com
Atmosphere: Adult

About Us:
We are a mature progression-oriented 25-man raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leaders prepare heavily to help for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. If you want to be part of fun group of people that also get stuff done this could be the place for you!

We are currently recruiting any and all exceptional players.

Current Progression:

16/16 Normal
6/16 Heroic

Mogu'shan Vaults 25 Heroic: 4/6 (First three and Elegon)
Heart of Fear 25 Heroic: 2/6 (Blade Lord Ta'yak, Wind Lord Mel'Jarak (Teir Gloves))

Our most urgent needs are as follows:

Melee DPS
-Fury Warrior
-Feral Druid

-Mistweaver Monk
-Restoration Shaman

Ranged DPS
-Elemental Shaman

Previous Progression:

Dragon Soul Heroic 25-Man: 8/8
Firelands: Heroic 25-Man: 6/7

Please apply through our website, or find an officer online:

Battle Tag: Emaleigh#1402, Enris618#1280 (Hobkins)


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