Black screen only in Stormwind

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Alright, here we go:

47/64 C
47/65 C
50/65 C
46/65 C

58/78 C
59/76 C
Both are running warm. Your processor is rated for max 67.9C - you are approaching that.

Head out to Walmart electronics or a similar place and pick up some canned air duster. The secret to using it is to do short 2 or 3 second bursts then let the can settle for 10 secs then another blast. Once the can gets real cold it will lose it's power. Let it sit and warm up for an hour.

Take the side off - break the crud loose with a plastic stick - toothpick whatever - get inside the heatsink fins and loosen stuff then use the air. You could clean the fan blades carefully with some Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.

Blow the card out and the card fan.
I'll give that a shot, thanks!
Okay. I'm just now getting back from the store with the canned air and rubbing alcohol. Soooooo busy.
I'll make some time this evening and see if I can get in there and clean stuff up. I'll let you know how it goes.
And i'm back. I opened up the case and sprayed around in there, but there wasn't really any crud to be found. Just a light layer of dust on each fan, which i sprayed off. This computer is still fairly new, so I guess it hasn't had time to get really dirty yet?

Hanging out in Stormwind right now, no problems yet...
I'll keep you posted as often as I can. Thanks much!
It's mostly fine, I think.. Occasional crashes on my hordie in the middle of random zones, as well as in Stormwind on my others, but I'm going to try to let my computer rest more often. If it is getting overheated and i have to replace a fan or something, I really just don't have the time to take care of that right now. But thanks again for all of your help. I may try forum-ing again later when my schoolwork doesn't have my days packed like a tetris screen. Take care!
Thanks for the update Setyl. What you might want to do is replace the heatsink and fan on the Processor or just remove them completely - give them a very good cleanup and replace the thermal paste.

It isn't a complicated job - plenty of youtube videos showing how.
Thanks! I'll get around to trying that eventually. You've been a fantastic help with this.

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