The Singing Lady ((Open RP))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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((I decided to make this while waiting to see if my closed RP gets started.))

The Singing Lady is a tavern, set on the coast of Dragonblight. The owner, a beautiful Blood Elf, a red dragon, whose name is never known by the patrons of the inn, is usually not around. The barkeep is a battle hardened Night Elf warrior who has not been in battle for years. His daughter works in the evenings as a waitress.

The two chefs are a young Human female, and a Tauren male, both experienced in cooking. Upon seeing the tavern, one sees a stone building, windows boarded up and seemingly a cold building. As you get closer you can see firelight through the spaces between boards.

As you approach the doorway, a sign stands above the door, nailed lopsided into the cracks of the stone building. It reads, The Singing Lady.

Upon entering a sign against a nearby table reads, "No fighting!" in all capitals. There are booths and tables all over the room, several braziers around the room in strategic places, so even if it's crowded, no one could trip or knock them over. There is a fireplace next to a flight of stairs, and over the fireplace is the head of one of the many stags the roam Dragonblight.

On the other side of the stairs is a heavy wooden door, with a sign saying, "Do not enter!" On another wall rests a counter, with glasses, dishes, a small open window, and casks of ale, beer, and wine.

The tavern also has one floor of rooms. The rooms have a simple bed, warm blankets, a bedside table, a dresser, and extra blankets. An unlit lantern sits on the dresser and a candle sits on the table alongside a box of matches.


Aliaa sipped a small glass of Pinot Noir, one of the wines they served at The Singing Lady. She smiled at her father as he cleaned a glass, and he smiled back, without looking up. It was creepy when he did that. She looked around the room, then went to stoke the fire in the fireplace.

She sighed, hoping it wouldn't be too busy this evening. Aliaa looked towards the door as it opened, watching someone enter. . .

((And just in case it isn't clear, im the barkeeps daughter. :P Ok so anyways. . . Open to anyone. . . .))
Novani Starflower rode up the coast of Dragonblight on her nightsaber. it was a nice evening, and Novani breathed in deeply, enjoying the fresh air. It wasn't often that the priestess got a break, but now that her business was finished, Novani found herself with time to spare. It made her happy, perhaps she would relax under a tree and read hat night before she travelled back to Darnassus to see her mother.

She was just thinking about how she had wanted to read further into her book when she came across an inn. Perhaps she would go in here to read instead. She stopped in front of the door, her robes swishing as she dismounted. She sent her nightsaber off and approached the inn door. She opened it and stepped into the room, looking around.
Aliaa looked up as someone walked in. She walked over and smiled warmly. "Hello, welcome to The Singing Lady. I am Aliaa and if you need anything just call for me." Her voice was perky, but not overly perky. She finished off the glass of wine, walked behind the counter and washed her glass off, her delicate fingers working swiftly.
"Thank you," the priestess replied with a smile. Novani walked further into the room, smiling as she heard the fires crackling. She then found a table and lowered herself into a chair, making sure the end of her robes didn't get caught under the legs of the chair. She pulled the pack off of her bag and dug through it, smiling as she pulled out a large tome with a blue and purple cover. She opened it up to the last page she had read, marked with a silver ribbon, and began to read.
Aliaa watched as the young woman open a strange book and went to checking if they had everything. It was cold, so many people might now be coming.
((HEY! Long time no see, and alright glad your doing this! And if you feel like doing more check out my new closed RP Stroke to Midnight.))
Aliaa smirked at the Forsaken, "I believe she ran upstairs, sir." She went back to checking everything. In Dragonblight, anything could happen, kids, even young dragons, kidnapped. There was no telling who they really were, but she had a feeling that the young girl wasn't running because of him. The look on her face told Aliaa that there wasn't a reason to be concerned, but it was worth the while to mess with the Forsaken. A girls gotta have fun, right?
Aliaa giggled as the small child ran behind the bar, "Of course sir, our stairwell blends into the rest of the wooden wall." She pointed to the stairwell beside the fireplace. This was getting better and better.
Mostly quiet all the time, he just nodded, poured the child a glass of water and handed it to her. Aliaa just giggled and sat beside the young girl. "You know him, I presume?" She asked, careful not give away where they both were.
Novani was quite amused by the situation. After all, who shouldn't have a little fun once in a while? The priestess smiled behind her book and continued reading. The book was interesting and Novani was glad she had found it on that dusty library shelf the week before.

Suddenly, the night elf noticed she was beginning to get both hungrey and thirsty. Perhaps a drink and a snack was in order. She put the silver ribbon in the space where she was leaving off and set the book down. She called to the other night elf. "Aliaa? Can I have a glass of wine and maybe some bread over here please?" Novani then picked up her bag and pulled out a small white pouch. When she set it down, the coins inside jingled.
Aliaa motioned for the child to stay, stood and hit her head on a shelf. "Ow!." she said as she put a hand to her head. She smiled at the priestess,"Of course!" She went into the kitchen and brought out a fresh loaf and walked over with it. "What kind of wine?" She asked.
Novani smiled as she got the bread and thought for a moment. "I can't decide. What do you recommend?" the night elf priestess asked.
She thought it over, "Hmmmmm, I personally prefer Pinot Noir for the taste, and it's great if you don't want a strong wine, we have others. . ." She named off a few wines they had at the tavern and different likable qualities. She smiled as the child giggled at her hitting her head.

((Sorry for mistakes in spelling and grammar, and this is pretty fun :) ))
Novani thought about it and smiled. "I think I'll try the Pinot Noir then. How much is everything?" she asked, reaching for the small white pouch and opening it up. Innocently, Novani said to the Forsaken, "Are you looking for someone?"

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