The Singing Lady ((Open RP))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Aliaa looked up and at the Forsaken. "I could have sworn she ran upstairs. . . Uhhhhh, can she pick locks?" She kept her expression neutral, as not to give anything away.

Turning back to the priestess as she asked her a question, "Everything that is very easily found or made, is cheap, such as the bread, which is 10 copper. The wine is a silver, since we actually have to have it imported from Stormwind." She smiled slightly. Alot of people were suprised to find such cheap prices. She thought back to when she visited a tavern a month ago, the prices were outrageous!

Aliaa laughed, and looked at her. "I can get your uncle to stay in, or I can try." She turned back to the priestess smiling.
Novani opened the coin purse. She set a silver on the table and dug around for the copper. As she put each copper coin on the table, she counted them, until she reached ten and closed the pouch. "There," Novani said, pushing the coins toward Aliaa. "Thank you very much." It was decently priced here, and it made the priestess happy. She'd been to expensive taverns before, and it always made her feel sorry for poorer travellers. Turning her attention to the Forsaken, she said, "Hmm........maybe she went to the stables? It's worth a look."
Aliaa smiled and took the coins, trusting that the priestess counted them, which wasn't hard, no offense to her, since it was a low amount. She nodded and took them to her dad then returned to the Forsaken. "It would be worth it to check the stables, like the priestess said, but I doubt she'd have gone outside, for night is falling and it's freezing there. So why not get her and you a room for tonight and set off tomorrow. If you're looking for something specific, then just ask me, we might have it, or I can tell you where to find it."
Aliaa laughed when the Forsaken accepted the offer on the room. "A room here is 10 silver. Do you want two rooms or will you share one with your neice? And I knew she was there, and it was fun while it lasted." She smiled and walked over.
"Thanks." She said as she took the 10 silver then handed it to her father. "I'm glad some people showed up, I was getting bored."
"Aliaa." Was her response, giggling continuously as she watched Forben tickle his niece.
Ithalin was rather disappointed with this turn of events.

He had been traveling through Dragonblight towards the Wrathgate, and from there he had been instructed to head to the Shadow Vaults to assist the clean-up crew. He was dressed in brown traveler's clothes at the moment, his tunic displaying the symbol of the Ebon Blade. Over these he wore a heavy frostweave robe to keep the cold out. On his head he wore a turban of sorts, the cloth covering every inch of his face save for a small section for Ithalin to see out of. On his hip he wore two runeblades, their sheathes attached to a saronite belt. His current mount was a brown stallion he had purchased in Stormwind and brought with him on the boat to Northrend.

Now, the reason Ithalin was disappointed is that a blizzard had suddenly kicked up, and his horse was nearly dead from exhaustion and cold from being forced to move at a canter throughout the entire trip. His mood brightened slightly as he saw a building in the distance. He assumed it was a tavern and set his horse towards it. He was about 100 meters away when his horse just gave up and fell to it's side, getting itself ready to die. Ithalin had felt the movement and had dismounted just in time to avoid being pinned. He looked to the building in the distance and then back to the horse, looking into it's big brown eye. The horse noticed and gave him a look that one could derive ' You bastard.' from.

Ithalin shook his head sadly and walked off towards the building, leaving the horse to die from the cold. After about twenty minutes, he finally arrived at the front door of the tavern. The horse's sounds of death could still be heard in the distance, and Ithalin cursed himself for not just killing the damned thing. He pushed open the door and walked inside.

He found himself faced with what he could assume were four patrons, and a night elf barkeep. He looked around the room and noticed the two signs, taking note of their warnings, and singled out a chair and table in the back of the room he could sit in. He walked over to the barkeep and took out ten gold coins and placed them on the counter infront of the elf. "I'd like a room." He thought for a moment before adding, "How much food will this buy?"
Aliaa laughed at the Forsaken and his niece's argument. She turned as the door opened, and someone walked in. He was a Death Knight. She saw alot of them, and they never bothered her . . as long as they were decently nice.

Her father looked up then at the money and chuckled slightly. "That much money could buy you a room and all the food and ale we have stored here." He shook his head, trying to figure out how a man could make that much money, and offer a good amount at a place like this.
Ithalin thought for a few moments about what he would be needing. He just remembered that he had left his extra provisions on the mount. The mount he had just left dying in the middle of a blizzard. He damned himself for forgetting about that detail. He wasn't very good at at those. He figured he could get himself some rations and a room. "I'll take two loaves of bread, a cut of venison, and a room for the night." He quickly added, "And a mug of your best beer."
"Actually in fact, I do. I don't know if you'll like it. . . " Aliaa walked into the kitchen and came out with a child's game, a few years old.

Malian looked at him again. "That would be. . ." Thinking for a moment. . ."10 silver, and 90 copper." He smiled.
Nods his head and slides all ten gold coins towards the barkeep. "Keep the change, I'll be over in the corner." Ithalin motioned towards the seat in the corner and walked over to it, sitting down in the chair placed at the table.
"I will in just a second sweetheart." Aliaa walked over and got everything the man ordered, except for the venison, and brought it to him. "How do you like your meat cooked sir?" She smiled. "And by the way, names Aliaa, if you need anything, call for me." She looked at the young child and smiled. This would be fun.

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