The Singing Lady ((Open RP))

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Aliaa giggled, since she could see the pair talking and then the Forsaken went on the floor.
Ithalin shouted across, "Rare!" to the the woman and shifted his gaze to child and what one could conclude to be her uncle. Strange. A Blood Elf child and a Forsaken Uncle. He shook his head in wonder. The world has truly gone mad.
She sighed, Death Knights. . . She walked into the kitchen and brought out the venison how he liked it . . . rare. She carried it over and set it with the rest. She wouldn't eat raw meat unless hunger drove her too it. She walked over to the child and said,"You want to know how to play?"
Aliaa laughed and taught the young one how to play.

Roewn shivered, wrapping her cloak as tight as it could go around her frame.

She was in Northrend.
She was lost in Northrend.
She was going to kill Xyvir.

Honestly, it was the damned Troll's fault for sending her out here. I mean really, he knew she had no sense of direction and he had purposefully taunted and mocked her about it.

She threw a hand up in frustration, mimicking her friend with a poor accent.

"Aye mon, dere be dis in my !@#! I HAVEN'T SEEN HIDE OR TAIL OF ANY INN AND NOW I'M STUCK IN FREEZING WEAT-" Her shouting was cut off as she tripped, falling flat on her face- getting more than a mouthfull of dirt and snow.

She grumbled as she stood, dusting off her dark cloak and robes. She raised a pale eyebrow as she stared at the dead horse.

Her cheeks turned a bit red before she threw out her leg, flinging snow into the air.

"A dead horse! Really! I tripped over a horse! In the middle of nowhere!"

This trip was bringing out the worst in her.

Roewn sagged- her shoulders slumping as the anger flooded out of her.

"Alright, calm down." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning...only to see a building.

Which looked exactly like the one Xyvir had described to her.

A frustrated scream clung to the winds as her anger returned in full force.
((Sorry I had nothing.))

Aliaa sat across from her and said,"Do you want me to play with you?" She raised an eyebrow at the actions of her uncle. Ok. . . She smiled anyways, then turned her head towards the door as a scream rang out, it seemed like a frustrated scream.
Aliaa chuckled, "I'll be back." She went into the kitchen then came out wearing a warm cloak and slipped it on and put the hood on, then headed in the direction of the scream.
Roewn glared at the building. It was the Inn. "Singing...Drove? Singing Flask?" She started muttering to herself as she made her way towards the building. Her memory was nearly as bad as her sense of direction.

A light broke her concentration- the shine blaring against the darkness that surrounded her. A figure stood before turning, seemingly headed in her direction. She squinted, her brow crinkling as her eyes zeroed(?) in on the figure.

"BY THE SUNWELL!" She slapped a small gloved hand to her forehead. "It's the Singing Lady!" She rolled her bright green eyes at her own forgetfullness.
((Anyone alive?))
Rachel shut the door against the howling wind and shook the ice from her travelling robe. Seeing no place to hang it she tossed the garment over a chair and readjusted her black skirts.

"Rough out there tonight," she said to no one in particular."Some poor traveller lost their horse."

Her bare feet left damp footprints on the floor as she ambled over to the bar. She smiled at the elder barkeep.
"Water, please and...liver if you have any. I'm famished."

((This is my first attempt at forum RP. I'll take any advice.))
An armored figure dashed through the blinding snow, her heavy plate boots leaving deep prints as she ran. She saw a building in the distance, or at least she thought so, and decided to go toward it. Suddenly she was knocked several feet forward by a massive creature that appeared to have been stitched together from multiple abominations. It stood well over 9 feet tall with massive fleshy appendages sewn haphazardly all over its body, including several fleshy tentacles of varying lengths. The flesh beast roared and charged at the figure, who's helm had been knocked off to reveal a fair elven face with cascading gold hair and fierce green eyes. The Sin'Dorei stumbled to her feet and continued running, trying to make it somewhere safe from the monster that had been chasing her for days.

As the pair neared the building from the side the beast caught up to the elf, ramming her against the wall before stepping back. The blood elf managed to pull an axe from her back before one of the tentacles wrapped around her in a tight grip, almost cutting off her air supply. Loud cracks would be heard from under the female blood elf's armor as her ribs snapped under the pressure of the grip. Winds continued to howl as the snow fell and the elf was dragged up to the creature's massive maw, drooling a thick ooze of plague in place of saliva as it savored the last moments of the long hunt.

The elf closed her eyes tightly, gripping her weapon as best she could as a small prayer was uttered, "Light... If ever there was a time that I needed you it is now. Grant me the power... let me end this abomination once and for all!" Her plated armor glowed brightly for several seconds, blinding the beast and scorching the flesh that gripped her before it was forced to drop its prize. The paladin stood defiantly against her giant foe as the light collected at her back in the form of four glowing, angelic wings. She lunged forward and carved into the torso of her assailant, her axe bathed in holy fire as it seared the flesh it carved through.

The beast screamed in agony as the weapon came to a halt, embedded in its flesh. In desperation it leaped at its quarry, but the paladin had released her grasp on the axe and stepped back far enough to channel the Light into a massive hammer. She threw the weapon at the head of her foe as it made its final roar, smashing it into a bloody pulp. As the monster slumped to the ground, its limbs twitching, it was lit ablaze by the paladin's weapon.

The Sin'Dorei limped forward, the light fading, and pulled her weapon from the burning corpse before moving into the building and falling to her knees in front of the fire. "It... is finally over..." she sighed heavily and winced in pain from the broken bones.

((Sorry for it being so long, felt like making a more dynamic entrance.))
((Just to warn you guys, I'm in school, so I'm not home until 3, so there probably wont be much going on till after that. :) Sorry guys.))

Aliaa looked up at the sound of a young woman saying, "By the Sunwell!" She half smiled and then walked towards her again. She looked up in suprise at a sudden roar, and saw fighting. She ran towards the young woman who she was heading towards and said, "Were open. My father can serve you."

Without saying another word she ran towards the young woman, just as she defeated the monster and headed towards the tavern. She reached her. "Do you need help?" She asked quickly, hoping she wasn't too injured.

The weathered bartender looked up at the young woman.

"We have liver." He smiled. "And water." He chuckled and poured some water and set it before her. "Here you go, and I'll bring you the liver in a second, and then tell you how much it is." He headed into the kitchen. Some might say he was reclusive when not working.
"Just bring it to body temperature. No need to cook it," she called to the disappearing back. Maybe he heard her. There was always that horse if he hadn't.

She pulled a packet from her satchel and smiled as she opened it. The smell of peaches always brought happy memories. She stirred some of the powder into her mug and heated it to a low simmer in her hands. After a long pull the woman turned to have a look at her fellow patrons.

"Gods below," she muttered to herself. It seemed to be a place for the Horde and the Light besotted. Then she noticed the deeper shadow in the corner. Picking up her robe, she padded across the room.

Before she could say a word to the Knight the tavern door burst open, letting in the bitter wind and two more patrons.
He nodded as he heard her request and brang it out to her. "There you go. . . That would be hmm 15 copper."
After food and coin change hands the woman nods a greeting to the dark stranger. "Quite a show they put on here. Mind if I join you?"

Companionship was not exactly what she wanted. The corner had the advantage of solid walls and a clear view of the room.
Roewn stared after the retreating figure before dashing after her and the other woman. She stepped into the Inn, shutting the door firmly behind her. Roewn paused for a moment, letting the warmth seep into her bones before taking a couple of quiet steps towards the elven woman. The Sin'dorei sat kneeled on the ground, close to the hearth with the Kaldorei leaning over her, a bit of worry stretched over her features.

She cleared her throat, eyeing the woman who was obviously in pain.

"Are you well?"

Once again she rolled her eyes at herself, though no one could see it. Her hood sat low, partially covering her features. It was a rather dumb question but far be it her to assume anything.

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