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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Ithalin was in deep thought when the woman came over. He was currently contemplating how he was going to reach his objective. He had originally considered just opening up a Death Gate back to the Ebon Hold, but decided against it. He figured that his superiors would assume he had come back in failure, and failure was not tolerated. His second option was too time consuming. He had figured he could just raise the dead horse, but decided that it would expend too much time and too many runes. He had chopped up a piece of venison and had pulled down the cloth covering his completely skeletal jaw and popped the venison far enough in that it wouldn't just fall out the bottom of his mouth.

He was thinking up a third option when the woman asked him if she could join him. He quickly pulled up the cloth again and nodded his head yes.
The wind howled loudly around Allgira as she trudged through the thick snow, a large runeblade swung over her shoulder. She's been traveling around Northrend for weeks, hardly staying anywhere for the freezing nights.

Allg narrowed her icy eyes, struggling to see through the whirling snow. For a second, she thought she saw a building. Finally... a sign of life around here... She thought as she adjusted her frost-covered saronite helm and began making her way towards the building.

As Allg neared the door, she peeked inside through the cracks between the boards and pulled open the door, stepping in. She was surprised to see so many people at once and suddenly felt awkward. She pulled off her helm and shook out her long, lackluster hair and looked around.

Upon closer examination, Allg was relieved to see what appeared to be another Death Knight. She relaxed a bit, walking over to the nearest unoccupied table and set down her satchel and helm. She sat down and placed her runeblade on the table, folding her arms in front of her. She then buried her face in her plated arms, closing her hollow eyes. Though Allg knew that she had no need for sleep, she still had the small living part of her senses. She sighed and let her consciousness slip away from her and into the world of endless nightmares.
The paladin was quiet for some time, her eyes closed, as she remained motionless before the fire. After several minutes she moved a hand to her side, wincing as she counted quietly to herself, "One... two... three, I think? Yes, three." She sighed before coughing, her hand brought up to her mouth to cover it as she did.

Realization of those around soon hit the elf as she glanced back, spotting the pair of females who had asked questions of her well-being. Slowly she turned to face them, putting on a smile to hopefully reassure them both before she spoke, "Without some beast stalking me, as it has these past few days, I am much better. Wounds will heal, unless they kill you. The name is Zaratie Duskblade, knight of the Sin'Dorei. But who, might I ask, might I have the honor of speaking with?"
Roewn smiled, removing her hood, her long, pale locks faling across her shoulders. "Roewn Valewind, High Priestess."

She kneeled down next to Zaratie, her robes rustling underneath her.
"Although wounds do heal with time, I could speed up the process a bit." She knew some preffered to let their wounds heal without any aide and let the offer hang open.

Her head turned as the sound of the door opened- the freezing winds filling the inn for a second. A death knight came in, before almost seeming to collapse at a table, but not from exhaustion she noticed.
Allg slowly opened her eyes and jerked her head up, looking around. At first, she was visibly confused but soon regained her memory. She looked around for her geist, not really caring where it went. She noticed to figures near the fire and eyed them curiously.
Aliaa looked up as the door opened then turned her attention back to the woman, listening as the woman, who she knew now as a High Priestess, say she could heal, then as she finished she said, "I am Aliaa Nightwhisper, my father owns the tavern." She smiled slightly.
Zaratie nodded at Roewn before glancing around the inn more, taking in the sight of the other patrons. "Normally I would try and heal it myself, but considering the circumstances I don't feel that I have the energy. Any help you would be willing to offer would be appreciated." The presence of Death Knights made the paladin uneasy, as she could never tell which ones still heard the call of the Scourge.

She then bowed her head to the night elf woman, "I thank you for the hospitality that your family offers to weary travelers. Sometimes a humble inn can be all one needs to give them hope enough to carry on."
"Thank you," she responded to the curt nod. Over the chair she draped her cloak, and her satchel settled on the floor.

Flying always made her hungry, and she was busy with her dinner when the chill of the open door brought yet another guest. At least it was elven.
Roewn smiled, easing off her gloves and placing them near the women's midsection.
"Just relax." With practiced ease she brought forth a small golden light that encased her hands, letting the power flow into the injuries. Although seemingly a bit dense with a temper, she was powerful in her own right and healing came second nature to her.

She smiled at the other Elven woman who was kneeled next to her. "Pleasure to meet you Aliaa." She frowned a bit at the slight tension in the body beneath her, although, she could understand where it came from. She had noticed Zaratie's eyes move to the many Death Knight's that sat around the Inn, something she had taken notice of when she walked in.

She let the power ebb away before removing her hands, flicking back a few stray, white locks.

"That should do it!" She smiled and stood up, offering the weary paladin a hand. "Your body still needs to recuperate so rest and take it as easy as you can."
Aliaa nodded, watched as the young woman was healed. She was glad that she was now going to get better. She nodded and said,"I have to get back to work, but it was nice meeting you." She walked back behind the counter and looked at all the patrons. Another busy night. Aliaa sighed and waited for more work.
Zaratie took the outstretched hand and rose to her feet, trying not to pull much on Roewn's arm as she knew that her plated armor made her quite heavy. "I thank you, priestess. I suspect that I shall be resting here for a while to regain my strength. Should you ever require my assistance with anything you have but to ask." She placed her hand firmly on Roewn's shoulder and nodded.

She then turned her head to Aliaa as she raised her voice enough for it to reach the bar, "Might I ask for a room for the next few days? And something warm for myself and Roewn? I'll be more than happy to pay in full for the both of us."
"A room is 10 silver per night, and we have hot cider if you're alright with that?" Aliaa said, loud enough that she could hear her.
Allgira noticed the Paladin's uneasiness and looked away, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. She then heaved her satchel up on the table and began rummaging through it, finally pulling a small, faintly glowing stone out.

Allg began to study the stone, carefully running her plated fingers over the small engravings covering the unusually smooth surface. Not really caring if anybody saw her, she let a small, icy glow encase her hand and hovered her glowing palm above the ancient runes on the stone, watching it intently.
(im new at tavern rp so i might not be the best)

Veriana Starsong entered the tavern without a sound, only someone with the most keen senses would have noticed her as she slipped in through the shadows.She slipped out of her stealthy state in front of the barkeep and asked for some pinot noir and warm bread then slipped a few silver on to the table.She also asked for a room to stay the night and slipped a piece of gold over the counter, adding to the pile of coins.
Tink moved through the snow slowly and somewhat quietly. He took a moment to wipe his goggles of snow and to brush his hat off. "Just my damn luck.", he grumbles. He puts his goggles back on and looks around sighing as he sees the tavern.

He opens the door just a crack and steps in silently, looking around the tavern. He mutters "Meh, better than out there atleast..." before taking a seat at the bar. After a moment to get himself settled he says "I'd like a bottle of pinot noir and a steak, medium rare. ALSO! I would like a room." He puts some assorted coins on the table "Keep the change."
"Gods below," Rachel muttered, "This place is as crowded as The Pig on payday." She pulled her travelling robe on and slipped back out into the storm.
Roewn smiled at the paladin and nodded. "That is kind of you Zaratie." She looked around for a table, it seemed a bit fuller than when she first entered but it was better than bearing the snow that seemed to be pouring from the skies.

A bright light caught the corner of her eye and she turned, her curiousity getting the better of her.

A Death Knight sat at a table playing with some sort of stone. She raised a pale eyebrow before shaking her head. Although not particularily fond of Death Knight's, she had no grudge against them either.

She turned back Zaratie and motioned with a hand towards an empty table close to the hearth. "Shall we?"
Through the dense snowstorm, a Worgen was wondering somewhat aimlessly, almost skipping along with arms crossed behind him. He really had no idea where he was, except for the fact that he had past a dragon skeleton a few yards back. Then again, the entire area was dotted with dragon skeletons. Still, this fact didn't seem to bother him, and he almost seemed to be enjoying himself in the swirling snow. As he was walking/skipping along, he could barely make out a faint light in the distance. He didn't have any particular place to be, so he decided he might as well check it out.
He reached the inn doors just as he had finished muttering what a pity it was that he had found a half buried, quite dead horse. He entered the establishment and, upon walking up to the counter, asked for a cup of "your finest nonalcoholic beverage."
The paladin walked over and placed a few gold coins on the counter of the bar. "A round for everyone, some roasted boar, and the rest on rooms for myself and Roewn. Cider sounds quite alright to me, if you do not mind." She turned quickly to return to her companion, following the gesture to a table and taking a seat.

Zaratie looked at the flames for a few moments before returning her attention to Roewn. "So, if I might be so bold as to ask, what brings you to this frozen corner of the world?"

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