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A large raven flew low to the ground with what appered to be a female Night elf on a large white Nightsaber donned in brilliant war armor running by its side. The raven caught sight of a building and let out a screech to the Night elf. She looked onward and gave a nod of confirmation before they headed to the tavern. The Night Elf placed her mount in the stables by the tavern and walked in with the bird behind her. As the birde entered it was engulfed in a gray smoke and moment later what appered to be a teenage boy with blonde hair that went down to his neck and slightly curled at the end, a pair of half-moon glasses, a tattoo of the Cenarion circle insignia that covered his right cheek and eyelid, and a black trench coat that seemed to be tattered somewhat at the ends. The Night elf was scantily clad in leather armor and had a pair of lethal looking daggers on her hips. Her hair was a deep green and went down to her lower back, she had tattoos upon her face that looked like leaves, and had a large canteen in her hand that smelled strongly of alchohol.

The night elf stretched her arms abover her head and groaned, saying "Ahhhh, it feels good to rest after that long trek." The young boy scoffed and said, "How are you tired, Misa? You rode Glale all the way. I had to fly. If anyones tired its me and that poor tiger you treat like a pack mule." The night elf, now known as Misa, stuck her tounge out at the boy and said, "Well Maraph, I offered for you to ride with me but you were adamant on not doing so." The pair had found a table near the entrance and sat down before Maraph said, "I pity the one who agrees to ride with you at the reigns." Misa made a mock hurt face and said, "That stings. You know I'm an excellent rider." Maraph loweed his glasses onto the brigd of his nose and asked, "Really? Dont you remember the last time you had someone ride with you? Your brother was in the infirmary for a week." He allowed a small smile at the memory, "But then again, it was funny to see that pretentious show off get thrown into the mouth of a yawning Giant Treant."

Misa gave a sigh at her friends behaviour. 'What am I going to do with him?' she thought. Maraph stood up and said, "I'm going to book a couple of rooms and get us some dinner. I'm starving." Misa looked at the druid in disbeleif. "You ate just an hour ago." Maraph laughed and countered to the only woman he could speak to without stuttering, "I am stuck in the body of a seventeen year old human male for the rest of my life. I dont know what its like for you elves but at this age human males need to eat alot in order to stay healthy." With that he walked over to the bar and asked for two rooms for the night, a plate of rare steak and a plate of salad and two herbal teas.He gave the bartender the needed gold and walked back to his table, but as he did he aciidentaly bumped into a female blood elf in what appeared to be paladin armour. "M-my ap-apologies" he stammered out before going back to his table where Misa sat.
Neltriz couldn't help but overhear the conversation between the inns two newest occupants, and naturally, a certain part peaked his curiosity.
"Excuse me, but did you say 'stuck'?" He asked. "That seems like a peculiar thing for a druid to say, given the fact that you have more bodies than any of the other people in this building besides myself."
Zaratie felt someone bump into her, turning quickly to the man with a confused look. Was it an accident? On purpose? Upon seeing it was a human she wondered if he was trying to be aggressive subtly. A decision was quickly made to confront him upon the matter. The elf rose from her seat as she spoke to her companion, "Please excuse me for a moment."

The paladin strode over to the table with the man and his elven companion and placed her gauntlet covered hand on his shoulder. Her grip on him was firm as she spoke up, "Some may have seen your little stunt as an accident, human, but I have a belief that you may have been trying to be aggressive on purpose with me. The recent history of our races is very clear to me and I do not appreciate veiled threats." Her steely gaze turned to the night elf with a glare, and the blood elf's muscles tensed in expectation of a possible outburst or combat.
Roewn opened her mouth- ready to rant and rave to her newest companion about that damn troll but before she could utter a threat a slight bump had her eyes zeroing in on the slight disturbance.

The man stuttered an apology before hastily returning to his table where a night elf sat. Roewn turned her eyes to Zaratie, merely nodding at her as the paladin stood and made her way to the table.

Although a member of the Horde-and a proud one at that- she knew when to keep the peace. Her body tensed slightly as Zaratie placed a hand on the human.

"Oh no..."
As the storm continued to howl, Orik Hammerforge trudged on. He had been searching Northrend for days for his lost bear, Alska. His supplies were dwindling rapidly. He feared he might never see his beloved companion again. As he continued towards what his hunter survival skills believed was north, he begaan to see a faint light. When he realized the light was coming from a building, he cursed himself for not recognizing the sound of a tavern with his skilled ear. He swung open the door and entered the small inn, keeping a hand in quick reach of his rifle. He sat down at a table, hoping to find clues aboutq his missing pet. He fingered the trigger of his rifle, now sitting on his lap, as he noticed the tension in the room.
As Neltriz noticed this rising tension, he stood up and tapped the shoulder of the Blood Elf grabbing the other druid. As soon as he got her attention he motioned to the 'No Fighting' sign hanging on the wall.
Veriana Starsong watched the fight slowly begin and laughed as a druid tried to stop it,"Aint no use in trying to stop that!" she muttered under her breath and she took a long sip of her wine.
Mistarvaxan Windcaller spied a tavern while she flew over the desolate place.She was in flight form and noticed the tavern with her enhanced senses and dropped down to the ground.When she arrived to the door she saw the tavern was called The Singing Lady. The female Kaldorei druid walked in and adjusted her [item="Ceremonial Leather Harness" /] while taking in her surroundings, she spotted her Veriana Starsong and walked over to her smiling,"Nice day isn't it?" she asked slyly and chuckled.
A massive kaldorei walked into the tavern. He looked around and noticed a fight breaking loose. He shook his head and payed no mind to it. He was most likely taller than most people than all other patrons. If not, than he was taller than all of them, he stood at about 8 foot 1. He sat down with a bit of a loud clinking noise due to his armor. He ordered a mead and didn't speak afterwards.

He looked around at the people who weren't starting to fight to see if he could start up a rather friendly conversation.
Veriana looked up at the druid and smiled,"Ive seen better." She answered in a bored yet amused voice."Now to think of it, this is one of the worst days ive seen seen since i have came here."
Mistarvaxan slid down into the booth and chuckled merrily,"Will we see Ryelth soon?" she asked in a joking voice.She ordered a cup of tea and threw a piece of silver to the bartender not even bothering to see if it was enough.
A glowing portal appeared on top of the booth and a kaldorei man slipped out, his aqua hair tied back.He straightened his purple and gold cloak and robes the adjusted his purple and gold mantlepieces and looked at the people seated around the table he had just landed on top of. Ryelth Starsong was very clumsy and his spells usually went wrong.He was releived to see the two familiar faces of his siblings and smiled his goofy smile."Well hello!" he said as if nothing had happened.
Veriana rolled her eyes at her clumsy brother and remarked,"Was he always this way?" being younger then Mistarvaxan.She laughed and waited for the answer while she saw her sisters brain concentrating hard.
Well i cant remember, but when Elvador shows up, if he shows up,he will be able to remember."She answered and looked hopefully to the door for their eldest sibling.The door opened but it was just the wind and she sighed, Elvador had always been her favorite sibling, even if he was very quite and solemn."I do hope he comes, i havent seen him in over thirty years, the last time was before he left to travel to darkshore and moonglade to see what was wrong with the beasts.
The door opened and in stepped and shadowy but tall figure, his ears sticking out under his greenish hair but him mouth hidden behind a silken bandana.He saw his family and beckoned his wolf to follow,when it did he walked over to the barkeeper and in a solemn voice said"May i have a jug of thunderale and some meat for my Warg?" he gave the bartender two pieces of gold and told him to keep the change,then walked over the his family and greeted them."Well am i the last one to arrive?, he remarked,"ah, i'm used to it.He slid down into the booth next to Veriana and waited for the meeting to begin.
The paladin glanced back at the worgen who tapped her shoulder and restrained herself from a typical reaction of a fist to the muzzle. She eyed the sign that was motioned to before releasing her grasp on the man who had bumped into her. "I suppose I jumped to a conclusion a little too quickly, and I apologize. These last few days have been... rough."

Zaratie moved away from the table, returning to Roewn and taking the seat once more. "Well now that I have successfully made myself look the fool, I believe you were preparing to say something?" She gestured toward the priestess while speaking, indicating that she was ready to listen and allowing Roewn a chance to speak.
Floim barges into the tavern, "'old up!", he yells, "This 'ere is a stick up!" He shakes a pointed stick violently around! Floim charges up to the barkeep and demands her money, "Oi demand yer money!" He pulls out a cap gun and fires it at the barkeep, "Gimme it!"
Nistarvaxan felt hurt that her own brother would not sit next to her, but tried to make her face emotionless."Well," she remarked breaking the awkward silence as she watched Ryelth play with Elvador's pet wolf,"What are we here for sister?"she asked speaking to Veriana.
Orik laughed at the audacity of the "bandit". He had a lot of nerve coming into a tavern full of dangerous people trying to rob the friendly barkeeper. He stood up, walked over to this theif and aimed his gun at the back of the theif's head. "Oi! Put the stick down and quit botherin' these nice folks. They didn't do no harm to ya. If yer hard fer money I can make it worth yer while. I'll pay for yer room tonight and see ya on yer way tomorrow. If you try to hurt anyone in here, you better hope that skull of yer's is think enough to stop a bullet."
Mistarvaxan leaped up at the sight of the robber and came to the dwarves aid,"Yes, you shouldn't be earning money this way, its not humane when your robbing someone selling people things at decent prices prices,"she cried,"he doesn't take advantage of people for money like you!"She walked over and stood in front of the kind barkeep and shifted into a huge bear.She growled fiercely yet in a protective way, like mother bears do when their young are threatened.,and waited to be struck out at by the man.

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