ret dps @ ilvl490+

How is the DPS on the ret paladin once you get into the ilvl 490+ range?

as compared to other melee classes..

ie this shaman when it pops cooldowns can go upwards of 175k.. then usually 130k.. then levels out around 100ish.

how is the ret paladin in terms of DPS in 5mans and 10man raids with the high i lvl?
Well, basing it off myself with no 4 piece, I bursted up to 334k DPS before levelling out at 75k DPS outside cds. This is based off Feng, and the fight lasted a bit less than 6 minutes, I did 108k DPS overall. This was with a 496 axe at the time, comparative to my 510 sword now /cuddle

But yeah, that's the class pretty much. Amazing burst supplemented by below average sustained DPS.

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