Fail IWC raid on Stormwind

Bleeding Hollow he is in neverlose as this guy now

Not even in our guild, still makes you look stupid.

I wasnt attacking your guild in anyway. He told us he joined IWC. Trolling is good for the community ey?
01/22/2013 07:04 PMPosted by Tyrannate
You keep saying how bad my gear is, but it just makes me look better because I killed your guild leader in it.

He killed 1 person in the time it took us to set up camp lay back and eat waffles while literally slapping alliance in the face.
The only game that has fun zerging with groups filled with bad players is Planetside 2.

Don't see why ppl are so interested in it here.
02/02/2013 07:31 AMPosted by Random
Planetside 2.

This patch they added today is taking forever, but hey! Sub-machine guns!
Im a big fan of fps games and was thinking of playing planetside 2, is it actually any good?

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