Need Transmog Help!

Ok... So I have the FULL Challenge mode dungeon set. My main/offspec is currently Holy/Prot. Im looking for a "GOOD" match for a 1h + Shield. Currently I do not have a good match for a 1h. A few of the 1h I have are decent, but nothing that stands out. Bastion of Light (Hyjal - 70 Raid) is my shield Transmog. It's a decent match, but can't quit get the color scheme down. Help?! Any suggestions.

~ Currently shows me in Ret. Armory hasn't updated yet unfortunately due to maintenance I reckon.

Any suggestions? :)
I like Platinum Shield of the Valorous with the challenge mode set! As for one hand... I can't think of one atm.

While I look for a one hander though, you should really try using Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Victory rather than hiding your cloak. Just a suggestion ;D

Also good news! In 5.2 we can transmog sword, axes, and maces to each other! That means you can use Abaddon over that axe of yours!

Why not..... a lightsaber! Spellfire Longsword
Or a sawblade!... Gnomeregan Mindslicer I personally like this one!

Oh also! In 5.2 the main hand/off hand restrictions for transmog will be removed.

Runescribed Blade
Fusion Blade

I'm a bit biased to swords.... look, why don't I do us both a favor and slide this little link in here:

That link lists every possible weapon transmog for pallies. It also has pages for every other class. Armor and weapons. Enjoy. The possibilities are.... limited by wow's loot tables o,0

Also a useful tool is wowhead's item comparison tool which also has a 3d model viewer.
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so how much did it cost you for the gold run?

Why assume it costed him/her anything? Couldn't he/she just as well have went with his/her guild? 0.o

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